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huge!!! vase signed Henrik Rysz - Poland


just got this massive piece of glass from my local carboot sale, it measures 16" high and weighs approx 4-5 kg, " my kitchen scales only go to 3kg and it shot right passed that mark, it has a clear base with like a cranberry colour running up to the top with a band of deep cranberry and topped off around the rim with like a treacle brown colour, it is signed on the base with what looks like H2YSZ its not acid etched but sand blasted
anyone any idea what the mark is?

thanks Ray

Hi Ray, What you have in front of you is a vase by Henrik Rysz, who is Polish. Check your copy of Polish glass by Pawel Banas, you might find something in there. Will post more later,

Born 1956, trained at HKS Krosno, from 1972, where he worked for 23 years. Own studio for eight or nine years now. Last exhibition 2004, Leiden, Ivo's door-step.


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