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ARCHIVE? Signature K-11 R-e.56 and R-e -57, K 16

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Look at this vase by Kedelv for Reijmyre. It is signed "R-e -57, K 16".

Vidfletch :twisted:

as a comparison, here is the Flygsfors dogbone I picked up last week.
You can see the shape and colour gradients in the later Reijmyre piece are more sophisticated...

--- Quote ---Paul Kedelv left Flygsfors and went to work for Reijmyre. He was there from 1956 to 1957
--- End quote ---

Bill Geary has it as 1956-78 when the firm was sold to Upsala-Ekeby

Ivo's book has him at Reijmyre only in 1956 to 1957. He then has him at F├ąglavik glasbruk from 1957 to 1976.

I don't know anything about F├ąglavik glasbruk. Another mysterious Swedish glass company!

Vidfletch :twisted:

Bill G:
My good friend Ivo and I seem to have secured different
information about Paul Kedelv's years at Reijmyre.

My source for this information was  "Lyricism of Modern Design Swedish Glass 1900 - 1970" a catalog for the exhibition of Swedish glass in Japan.
Gunnel Holmer in a section entitled Glasshouses & Designers says for the Reijmyre Glasshouse that Paul
Kedelv was there from 1956 - 1976.

This was my source but I will go back to Gunnel, who I will see next week and reconfirm this was not a typing error on the part of the editor.

Ivo, please recontact me. We live in Sweden now.


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