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Glass / Re: Stuart Villiers Oleta ID please
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 09:30:29 AM »
Hi - welcome to the GMB.               Just had a look at the (States) site for glass, and they show 'Oleta' - very attractive - and it looks to be the same as the cut design we call simply 'Villiers' - and that looks to be confirmed in my Miller's who say simply 'Villiers'.
Presumably there may well be some difference that I'm not aware of, so look forward to your pix and any info. to clarify the naming.   Perhaps correctly it's always been 'Villiers Oleta', and for ease it became a habit to shorten the name.             I wonder if the word Oleta has any particular meaning.
According to the Andy McConnell Miller's '20th- CENTURY GLASS' book, apparently it's a design that started life c. 1930  -  you probably already know that.

The site usually shows a few individual named shapes for different types of booze - but may well not include all variations.
Glass / Re: Pressed glass bowl - Breton dancers. ID please.
« Last post by Anne Tique on Today at 09:02:09 AM »
I knew I  had seen this bowl somewhere ...

This one is signed BVB, apparently it stands for Beauce Verreries Bourgogne.
Glass / Stuart Villiers Oleta ID please
« Last post by thomthom49 on Today at 08:25:53 AM »
Yesterday I purchased 160 glasses of varying sizes at an auction.  There are perhaps 10 with chips.  I have not yet unpacked and sorted them.  I bought them to pull a set of glasses for myself for personal use, and then sell the rest on to cover some of my initial costs.  I am not a collector.  I wish to post pictures in this thread with dimensions and weights so that they can be identified as to use: wine, claret, water whiskey, champagne etc.  I am unable to find any definitive information on individual glasses.  Is anyone willing to help me?  I am sure there are some of you who collect this pattern and will know exactly what i have.  Mine all seem to be marked on the bottom with Stuart England.  I also have some pieces which i have not seen on the internet (such as whisky glasses in two sizes) so they are perhaps rare.  Thanks for any help i receive. 

Will attach pics once get them unpacked and washed hopefully later today.
Photos added to Pierre's post and this part split off to form a new topic from,56183.0.html so we can discuss the vase. :)
Hi Fred, and welcome to the board. Your vase is signed Lutz, which led me to the French-born glassmaker,  Nicholas Lutz (1835-1906) who emigrated to the USA and who subsequently worked at the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company from 1870 to 1888. Threading (example here) appears to be his work.

However, your example would appear to me to be more recent, so perhaps there is another more 20th century maker creating pieces in the style of Lutz? Lutz also now seems to be used as a descriptive term for a variety of threaded decorative finishes, which doesn't help! I also found a Wesley Lutz making glass paperweights,  but no mention of his making vases. Frustrating, isn't it?  ???
Pierre, welcome to the board. If you are having problems resizing images or uploading them please email copies to me at and I will add them to your post for you.
Glass / Re: British? Victorian Threaded vase
« Last post by Anne on Today at 12:52:55 AM »
Thank capitalartglass,
Italian! I never even considered that, lol.
I found one similar, but with a fatter body, described as by Lutz.
I also read, somewhere, that threaded glass was made a lot in England after the invention of a threading machine.

Not Italian or Loetz (!); almost certainly English, but I doubt you'll find a manufacturer

I've been reading about Lutz and wanted to add a note here to clarify that Lutz is not the same as Loetz / Lötz, as Christine's reply could be read as a correction to Senhandfran's. The former was a French-born glassmaker Nicholas Lutz (1835-1906), the latter was Loetz / Lötz -  a Bohemian glassmaking company,
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