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Malta Glass / Re: Mdina folded rim bowl. Pattern?
« Last post by Marc1976 on Today at 01:46:14 PM »
Hi Sue. Iím out at the moment so Iíll measure when I get home but as a guesstimate itís about 8Ē
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina folded rim bowl. Pattern?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 01:10:05 PM »
I agree 100% on date, and on the "bit of a mish-mash". :)
And chevrons are later too.
And the very dark amethyst is indicative of early '70s, it matches the cubes and lollipops (and that small cylinder I made you look at, at the Fair last November, John.)

Phoenician made small everted rim dishes with both chevrons and bubbly stripes, some of which might have been mistaken for Mdina, if unmarked.

I don't, for one second, think this one here is Phoenician - it's far too different.

The nearest to crystal blue stripe on ochre would be the Onion stripey design, but that was made using silver nitrate, not chloride. Crystal blue stripe was one of the earliest ranges to be put into production and is still going.

I'd still think this dish would be earlier than any with the chevron pattern, so I'd be leaning towards the early '70s rather than around the middle.

It also looks quite big.  ;D What is the diameter, Marc?

Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: 2.5kg hand made elephant.
« Last post by Ekimp on Today at 12:28:30 PM »
By the way, the Ebay seller linked to above has several other Murano items for sell in addition to the elephant. This suggests that he knows what heís talking about (depending on how individuals feel about the other items).
Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: 2.5kg hand made elephant.
« Last post by Ekimp on Today at 11:30:34 AM »
Thanks again, and for taking the time to look at the link. Iíve seen the antique Georgian glass stirrup cups on eBay that are actually t-lite holders from Habitat so donít necessary believe everything I read.

You say Ďespecially as the seller is in Nevadaí. Well, Iím in the UK. If you infer that an item originates in Mexico as it is currently located in Nevada then you could equally well use the same logic to argue that as my elephant is in the UK, so itís likely to be European! In fact, it would seem more likely that someone would import a heavy and awkward glass item from Murano to the USA than one from Mexico to Europe - a sombrero or bottle of tequila would be much easier.

It is useful to know the reasoning behind opinion, such as why something looks like recycled glass. The colours in my photographs arenít very good and as i said, to me it actually looks a shade of red in real life. Any colour apparent in the clear glass is certainly not to be trusted. I am always cautious when it comes to colour in amateur photographs on the internet, especially Ebay and especially subtle shades in clear glass.

As for crudely put together, this maybe the case, but looking on the Murano Zoo and Murano Animal Collection websites, to my eye, quite a few of the attributed Murano elephants look at least as crudely put together.

I would be interested if anyone could point to a link or reference to similar looking elephants that are actually from Mexico.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Ink Wells, Ink Bottles and Stands
« Last post by peternam on Today at 10:04:06 AM »
Re. glass inkstand RD 270525

I have come to this discussion a bit late and I am not a glass buff. However I am interested in the history of Charterhouse Buildings (at the corner of Clerkenwell Road / Goswell Road) which is mentioned in the thread on this topic

I am particularly interested in the references to Henry Herbert (2 Charterhouse Buildings), and especially the design that is referenced at TNA. All my records indicate that Henry Herbert was a publisher of guide books. However, another tenant of 2 Charterhouse Buildings at the same time (the 1870 / 1880s) was Chapman Son and Co (Oliver Chapman was the father, succeeded by his son Middleton Chapman the late 1870s). As I say, I know nothing about glass but I have seen reference to the work of the Chapmans as manufacturers of silver scent bottles, and silver vanity boxes. There is also reference to Henry Herbert, at his bankruptcy hearing in 1884 as a "manufacturer of fancy articles".

From this I am beginning to conclude that: there was some commercial relationship between Chapman Son & Co and Henry Herbert (I had previously assumed they were distinct businesses); Chapman Son & Co manufactured glass items; and Henry Herbert was primarily a publisher of guide books but had some interest in the same type of glass items as the Chapmans

I hope this is helpful and I'd be glad to provide more information if anyone is interested

According to this CV of Paul Musgrove, Charlie Meaker seems to have had a studio or an operation at a place called Strawberry Studios on Jersey C.I. at that time.
Perhaps Rachael was working there when this piece was made?

'Jun Ė Aug 86        Glass maker in residence Ė For Charlie Meaker Ė Strawberry Studios, Jersey, C I.'

In the book Contemporary British Glass 1993 it does say (page 102) that Rachael was assistant to Charlie Meaker in Germany in 1982 so there is a connection with him.
I should correct my post above

Maybe blown by at a time when Rachael Woodman was working with Neil Wilkin as it has similarities with some bowls I have by him. 

In the book Contemporary British Glass (Crafts Council January 1993)
Page 102, of Rachael Woodman it includes  ' In 1985 she was the co-founder of Wilkin and Woodman Glass, Bath.'
page 98, of Neil Wilkin it includes ' In 1984 he established Wilkin and Woodman Glass in partnership with Rachael Woodman in Bath.'

Picture with white background but with flash will try without flash later.

Glass / Re: Opalescent vase
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 07:59:34 AM »
Likewise, sometimes find a pontil mark like that on some Victorian items.

Malta Glass / Re: Mdina folded rim bowl. Pattern?
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 07:49:36 AM »
The bubbly yellow ochre ground is not found with crystal blue stripe and the stripes of this bowl are not found on the patterns with an ochre ground - so quite a mash up.  This shape bowl can also be found with the chevron pattern - exactly how that ties in with dates I am not sure other than a vague 'mid - late 70s'.
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