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Glass / Engraved cognac glasses
« Last post by aksleks on Today at 09:53:51 PM »
An Icelandic friend inherited a few of these glasses. As far as anyone can remember, they're 50+ years old.
I'm wondering who the manufacturer is, and if the glasses could be a part of a series.

The glasses are 14cm tall, and there are no other markings than the crown and 'N'.

Any help would be appreciated :)
British & Irish Glass / Re: Allenburys baby Feeder bottle
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 09:20:11 PM »
Pictures of factory drawings for Reg. 543183 dated 3rd June 1909, as in the attached.          I also looked at 10690 from July 1884 - but this appears to have nothing to do with a baby feeder, so if anyone can suggest to whatever the earlier No. refers that would be very helpful.
The commercial success of this innovative design is well documented, and this is supported by the evidence on the attached papers that show there were two extensions  - the first on 13th March 1914, and the second on 8th July 1918.

thanks as always to Trustees and Directors at TNA at Kew for their continued help and assistance with these Registered items.         
Glass / Re: Anyone recognise this pontil mark?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 06:34:35 PM »
yes, thanks Greg  -  I must try and remember that.
Glass Paperweights / Re: ID. Old English?
« Last post by donaldf on Today at 06:28:33 PM »
Hiya Marc. Here is a photo of mine. As you can see, the canes have similar features, but do have huge differences, but we are in a research forum, so any similarities may lead in a direction.
Glass / cocktail glass ?
« Last post by malcmat on Today at 06:04:13 PM »
Due to the delicate construction I presume this could be called very small a cocktail glass ? its 8.7cm tall and 7.6 dia at the rim mouth. The glass decoration is transfer printed with foliage and grapes and a gilt rim and base ring.
Is it Italian/ bohemian and could it be around the 1950s.
Any help is much appreciated
Glass / Re: Anyone recognise this pontil mark?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 06:00:42 PM »
I did wonder, Greg, but as the image was small, I wasn't sure it was not just the way the glass had been snapped off.
So I'll add my vote to Uredale, now I've got a little more confidence somebody else saw what I did, and now I can see the whole thing. That does help, too. ;D
Glass / Re: Anyone recognise this pontil mark?
« Last post by Greg. on Today at 05:54:44 PM »
Uredale Glass.
Glass / Large Glass Pitcher
« Last post by Sarajayne on Today at 05:24:39 PM »
I hope you can help me as I have looked forever for the maker and pattern of this Pitcher. I fell it is probably fairly common yet I have looked and looked with no luck.
Glass / Re: Anyone recognise this pontil mark?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 05:16:25 PM »
thanks  -  well, obviously it either someone drinking from a yard of ale, or as is far more likely, it the gaffer puffing down the blowing iron. ;D    Let's hope someone recognizes this pontil mark.
Fantastic Paul. Well done!  Many thanks for taking the time :-*

I've done a little search for J.W. Sutcliffe & Co. (established 1898) and they are shown here in "History of Glass Making in London" - scroll down to no.134 (dated 1950).  It appears they made domestic glassware, e.g. fruit preserving jars, glass containers, metal and plastic closures for glass containers.  They also are featured in National Trust Collections for jam jar lids.  I've looked in my Miller's "Bottles & Pot Lids" collector's guide, but they don't feature, perhaps not surprisingly :)

The bottle and stopper (mustn't call it a decanter ;D) is made in a two part mould, running diagonally from one corner to the other.
I just wonder if the image is shown deliberatively dark so that the pattern can be seen better?   I can't imagine bath salts or bubble bath being put in a coloured glass bottle, as these are usually quite colourful and you wouldn't see the contents ???  The thing about bath salts containers etc. is that they look really pretty, and I wouldn't mind betting this bottle had a ribbon and bow around it at one time.

I'm not sure what I'll use it for if at all.  I was just intrigued by the It will probably go back to the charity shop :)
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