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Scandinavian Glass / Re: Iittala Festivo
« Last post by Pinkspoons on Today at 02:08:04 PM »
The schnapps glass is 'Niva' - definitely one of the nicest Iittala drinkware series!

The taller glass is 'Alaska' by Durobor, I think.
Glass / Re: Is this a Nuutajarvi vase?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 01:33:10 PM »
sorry, can't help specifically with this piece, but think you're correct with the Nuutajarvi signature.             This might be a design post Pina & Vigier's (2002), and could of course be very recent, but really not sure.          This one doesn't look to be in 'Smoke & Ice'.
Can't seem to match the designer's name with the following, but you may have better luck, since you have the piece in your hand ....

Nuutajarvi's Staff and Freelance Designers and artists  -  (post 1960):-

Harry Moilanen                        1960 - 62
Oiva Toikka                             1963 - 93  artistic advisor
Heikki Orvola                           1968 - 83,  freelance 1984 -
Inkeri Toikka                            1970 - 92,  freelance 1992 -
Kerttu Nurminen                       1972 -
Markku Salo                             1983 - 97,  freeland 1997 -
Taru Syrjanen                          1988 - 91
Tiina Nordstrom                       1988 - 90
Annaleena Hakati                     1993 -
Sami Lahtinen                          1995 -
Harri Koskinen                         1996 - 98
Re Kev's earlier comment in reply #120,65670.msg367687.html#msg367687
about Drayton's silver patent using grape and silver nitrate and if it had been patented in England as well as in the USA:

I don't know any more about whether it was patented in England but having researched silvered glass in quite some depth last year before I lost my research,I remembered something - the silvering of glass was of particular importance to telescopes.

I have found this book published in 2013 by Springer and written by Neil English, Classic Telescopes A guide to Collecting, Restoring and Using Telescopes -

On page 133 under the heading 'From Speculum to Glass' at the start of that chapter there is some relevant wording which might help.  It does appear from that wording that Drayton's patent for silvering was not well known elsewhere prior to the Exhibition 1851, and in the world of telescopes was not successfully done by someone else for telescope mirrors until 1856 by the German astronomer Karl Steinheil.

iirc, a patent for silvering glass was not given until 1855 to Thomas Leighton of New England Glass Company in America -

Not definitive, but might end up being helpful on when Thomson started, and particularly when he stopped, producing silvered double-walled glass (we know he was silvering single walled glass items before that).

Thank you Paul  :)
 ;D  no objection in asking Judith Crouch for some more help  -  will let you know the lady's reply as and when.
I'm dubious myself. I strongly suspect contemporary and possibly something such as Arcoroc or Arcopal.
I'm sure see a lot of these in charity shops.
 :) no apology necessary.

1) I'm glad Judith replied to you.  It helps to know where she and the V&A are at in terms of information they have regarding these pieces.

I don't suppose you could push your luck and ask her for a photograph of another item to do with this silvered glass could you?
Just out of curiosity I'd love to see the plug in the bottom of this particular vase (see link)
and I'd love to know why it appears to have a blue interior in the photographs online:

If it feels too much to ask her something else then don't worry - it's just curiosity on my part as it doesn't look like any of the other vases.

2) By the way, for Paul and anyone else reading, there are some silvered glass items (at least one I've found) shown in the V&A under the  Powell and sons link.  They are probably the other item numbers Judith was referring to in her email to Paul.  But I've not double checked.

Interestingly I've noticed on this one there is what appears to be a date next to the information supplied of (03/27/2003) - I wonder if that is the date the info was added - 15 years ago now?
That one has a Hale Thomson's Patent plug - they date it 1850-1860. 
None of this dating is any help at all in ascertaining whether Thomson was still refining and selling double walled glass after Mellish was arrested in 1851,as it's not based on any research as far as I can see and is just a c. estimate.

The info on this item (also found under Powell's) appears to have been added in 2009:

I don't think the V&A are aware of the court cases evidence.


sorry m  -  I'm obviously guilty of not reading everything  -  in fact presently I've a very heavy head cold and brain not working too well.  apologies for accusing you. :-*
I agree with Christine, the museum's reply adds almost nothing in terms of a definitive conclusion.         I will of course thank Judith Crouch for taking the time to investigate on behalf of the GMB.
Glass / Re: Whitefriars duck - Sky Blue
« Last post by lslee on Today at 12:15:56 PM »
Great thanks Marc
I have three already (arctic, flint and ruby) but have been looking for a sky blue - just wanted to make sure from the photograph
Do you have any idea of price you likely need to pay for one of these?
Hi Paul 
No, it was not me  :)

But thank you so much for letting us know what Judith Crouch from the V&A has said.

I appreciate it, because it is clear that Judith is not aware of the court case evidence from the three cases in 1851 and 1852 - primary source information that has been discovered on this thread.

There have been lots of posts on this thread as you will see :) 
Page 9 is where the info on the court cases was discovered and  started being discussed:,65670.msg367597.html#msg367597

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