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Glass / Re: Iridescent monogrammed clover shaped glasses
« Last post by flying free on Today at 12:01:52 AM »
I see a lot of quatrefoil glasses in iridescent glass attributed to Lobmeyr.  I've no idea if they are or not though.
I have one small vase enamelled, iridescent clear like these, bought for research interest - and have so far never been able to find a definitive maker, despite there being various shapes online with the same enamel decoration and in the same clear iridescent glass:
example being this sale -

Then there is often the Moser suggestion as well - example here:
and another here:

However, if I read this post on CW correctly it may seem that Moser did not make these?
Part of their reply on that link reads: 'I would like to inform you that the glass on the pictures was not made in Moser glassworks. Moser never used this type of pattern.
We are not sure where this glass was made because this type of glass produced a lot of glassworks during one period. It could be product of any glassworks in Europe.'

On this carnival glass site there is some information taken from an 1878 journal 'Glass and Glassware' re Lobmeyr and the development of iridescent glass:
N.B. There was a Hungarian maker of iridescent glass who I thought was also an early developer of iridescent glass.  I will try and find a link, though not suggesting yours are from Hungary, just for interest. (Mark Hill wrote some information about this on his site as well).


As for the wording, its from a draft i have set up for a client to list it with Bonham's in L.A. I would like to show Bonham's your group's response as we evaluate this paperweight in order to keep their value.
Hi, first off i have all the pix you require but your system only allows for uploads of up to 120K so I had to resort to one screen capture which was under 120k and oddly my other 3 screencaptures were also larger than 120k. Is there a workaround?
Formia perhaps
« Last post by bait on Yesterday at 07:10:05 PM »
Hello all...this vase is clearly marked BLENKO...I went to the blenko site and hit designers...i looked through all the designers and closely looked with a mag glass and cant seem to find this pretty sure its from 1958 and is 10.25 inches tall...ive searched that site for at least 25 to 30 pieces over the years and ive always been able to find it but this one is not there unless i just missed it....possible prototype??
thanks in advance for your help...andy
« Last post by bait on Yesterday at 06:58:30 PM »
Hello all..this vase has a rough pontil mark and is approx 9.25 inches tall..might be murano...the base is signed...the signature kind of looks like hoping you can help...thanks in advance
Glass / Re: Iridescent monogrammed clover shaped glasses
« Last post by SNJ on Yesterday at 06:51:57 PM »
Yes Anne, I was drawn to the shape and the delicacy: it's very thin glass. The monogram adds to the interest and has an almost regal look. I could imagine a set like this on the table of an exceedingly posh place!
Glass / Re: Identity of glass mugs
« Last post by philip on Yesterday at 06:27:12 PM »
Here's a photo of the pontil on the bottom of the white mug.

Glass Paperweights / Re: Need help with signature
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:23:32 PM »
Thank-you very much indeed, it is a beauty!
I would assume it is American, given that is where you are and also very much from the appearance of the weight. You need somebody who knows American weights to help with this. I'm afraid that's not me, but I'm sure somebody will know.
Not everybody comes in every day, have a little patience and I'm sure you'll find out who made it.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Need help with signature
« Last post by sberry84730 on Yesterday at 06:19:24 PM »
Hello and welcome. :)
We have loads of techie help and info here:,34093.msg365601.html#new

to help you with resizing images and posting them directly to the board.
We really appreciate having the threads here properly illustrated for future reference.
Without images, they are just words.
(and I won't click on photobucket links, they crash my ancient pc.)
I added a couple pictures and thank you for the help
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