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Glass / Re: Skrdlovice Vase?
« Last post by JohnM on Today at 02:03:20 PM »
The vase looks like Skrdlovice Pattern No 5630 attributed to Jindrich Beranek.
Glass Market Place / Christmas Tree Lamp-work paperweight ? Caithness
« Last post by Alsretro on Today at 01:28:33 PM »
This will be on Ebay as from this evening. Polished flat to the base, this weighs just over 1.12kg, measuring 4 1/2ins high and around 3 3/4ins at its widest. I'm pretty sure it is Caithness but more than happy to be corrected. :D
British & Irish Glass / Early Pressed Glass Tea Caddy
« Last post by neilh on Today at 11:51:26 AM »
I picked up this beast the other day - a tea caddy dating to about 1845 I would say - very early pressed glass and weighs a ton.

Looking into these pieces a bit more, I noticed that they seem to be amendments to sugar basin patterns, with straight sides. Here for comparison is a basin and caddy from Percival Vickers, then bottom left we have a Molineaux Webb basin circa 1845-50, which is very similar in pattern to the caddy I found. I suspect the Molineaux Webb basin may have had a caddy pair when the patterns were first produced.

I also found this neat youtube vid where a guy has a wooden caddy box with the pressed glass piece still in situ, again circa 1845. Didn't realise they were used like this, interesting to see it.
Glass / Re: Glass vase - bark effect with face in it - signed
« Last post by Lisa2045 on Today at 11:11:01 AM »

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will check information on Humppila.

Scandinavian Glass / Re: Candel holder
« Last post by burch69 on Today at 10:09:32 AM »
Scandinavian Glass / Re: Candel holder
« Last post by burch69 on Today at 09:55:58 AM »
Yes not found anything of this design attributed to TS but top and bottom finish are very similar to Festivo range and have seen a similar detail to the side wings that was part of one of his candle holders with multiple sticks. But yes could well be Swedish with a borrowed wing idea. Cheers
Scandinavian Glass / Re: Candel holder
« Last post by px on Today at 09:39:14 AM »
never seen one in Finland, I would say definitely not a Sarpaneva. How about Sweden?
Glass / Re: Glass vase - bark effect with face in it - signed
« Last post by px on Today at 09:34:47 AM »
Hello px,

Could you let me know where I could view the catalog from 1973? ....


Sorry Lisa, I wouldn't know. I just have the information mentioned in a book/bulletin by Finnish glassmuseum, about Humppila Glassworks.
They say the Montelin-collection of 15 different pieces was taken on the production in 1973 and that he had designed it earlier and that it had been in production in Hyllinge already before the Humppila era.

Glad to have been able to help somewhat otherwise, anyhow. :)
British & Irish Glass / Re: Chance Glass Spiderweb celery vase
« Last post by Simba on Today at 09:22:17 AM »
Many thanks for confirmation Keith.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Extremely Rare Bagley Glass items
« Last post by Simba on Today at 09:20:55 AM »
Could it be for a different type of light fitting which needed to fit in top and bottom ?? Nigel says he's owned an Andromeda with post on her head before.
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