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Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 07, 2006, 06:03:15 PM
Good day all,

If anyone is interested in having a copy of my glass marks collection;  There are two folders (Finished) & (Needs info) which I have compressed into the two most common file compression formats .ZIP and .RAR, then uploaded the files to a storage\share site, where they may be downloaded for FREE of course.

Note:  I am using a Windows PC to do this and have no idea how it would be done for Apple\Mac based systems.

The small grayscale images download very fast,

990.04 KB (1013803 Bytes) for the .ZIP file.

972.40 KB (995736 Bytes) for the .RAR file.

The choice of which to download (.ZIP or .RAR) will depend on which one of these file compression\extracting software programs is installed on your computer. I believe most Windows based systems come equipped to handle the .ZIP format and some folks just upgrade that to the .RAR format, because it produces smaller size files of the same quality.

To be on the safe side you should scan any downloaded file with your anti-virus program before you do anything with it. I personally know these files are safe on my computer, but I have no way to protect them once they are uploaded to where they are to be downloaded from, so I always recommend that people do this with any file they download, no matter how safe they believe it is or are told it is.

The links I had posted here are not working, because of problems the site is having, so I have removed them. To get a copy of the files please scroll down to the post with the email instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  --- Mike

Once the file type of your choice is downloaded and scanned for safety you must double click on that file and use the [Extract to] feature to tell your system where you would like to store and access the image files from.

The marks in these files are the type that are pressed into the glass, I am not working with those which are engraved, etched or painted on. If one happens to have any information they would care to share on these marks, or share some marks I don't have;  please feel free to send an email with "Glass Mark" in the subject to

I'm not looking for the history of the glass company, only the glass company name and dates when the marks were used is all. Anyone who cares to use these marks for their own purpose, which includes posting them in forums or displaying them on their personal websites is free to do so, without crediting me. In those venues is where the history etc., can be added by the authors\moderators etc.

From time to time I will be updating and adding glass marks and will make them available in separate update downloads.

Enjoy and please share. --- Mike

Edited to remove non-working links.
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: Ivo on September 07, 2006, 08:04:41 PM
Great work, these are not the usual suspects but a worthy addition to the knowledge base - thank you!

re unidentified marks:

"Needs Info 3" = Sachsenglas
"On Satinglass with 280"= Schreiber & Neffen
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 07, 2006, 08:44:39 PM
Thank You once more Ivo,

Clearing up 2 unidentified marks on the same day is rare for me.

I found an interesting site on Sachsenglas

And now I have to do the same for Schreiber & Neffen.

Again, thank you very much. for your help --- Mike
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: David E on September 07, 2006, 08:53:23 PM
Great work indeed! :D

There is one that you're welcome to take from my own site ( which is unusual in that it's always on the inside of the bowl in the centre, not on the underside.

Seen on Waverley, Gossamer, Lancer patterns.


The second is at a slight angle to get the lighting correct, but mail me if you need a clearer or larger photo.
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 07, 2006, 09:24:50 PM
Thank you for the generous offer David,

I am pretty certain that the Chance mark is included the collection already. You wouldn't happen to know the time frame (dates) when the mark first began being used etc. would you? --- Mike
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: David E on September 07, 2006, 09:52:00 PM
You're right :roll:

I've found it now, can't understand why I missed it first time.

Time scale would be 1949 (Waverley), 1950 (Lancer) and 1951 (Gossamer), with some of the patterns produced until 1953.
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 07, 2006, 09:59:32 PM
Thaniks again David,

I too sometimes miss something I'm looking for in that group lol! I might scroll through it more than once and somehow just not see it.  Makes me nervous, wondering if I accidentally deleted something, but then suddenly there it is???. --- Mike
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: bubbles on September 07, 2006, 10:43:05 PM
I'm getting a message that the zip file has expired :(

This is the message I'm getting:

Shared File is no longer available.
Shared File link has expired. Please contact a person who has shared this file with you to gain access to this file.

Please Note: All shared file links expire after 10 days.
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: Anne on September 07, 2006, 11:48:56 PM
Mike, thank you, this is a great collection. I think it would be useful to add the labels to the GlassGallery labels album as well if that's OK with you - we're trying to build up a really good reference collection on there:
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: Della on September 08, 2006, 06:40:17 AM
Hi Mike,
I have had your glass makers marks page added to my favourites since you first made us aware of it, months ago. I have made quite a bit of use of it and would like to thank you for your generosity. Sharing is quite rewarding isn't it?  :lol:  :lol:
I have also tried to download to .zip version and have never been able to, but am wondering if it is because both of the links on your 'About Me' page both have the same URL, ending in RAR.rar.html even though the headings are different. Forgive me if I am wrong, but computers aren't one of my strong points.  :oops:
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 08, 2006, 05:05:59 PM
Good day all,

I apologize to bubbles and those who couldn't get the download to work. I sent out an email to the site and they say they are having some problems they need to work on. I was all prepared to go for the pay version too, but until they get their act together and things are working properly on the introductory version I am putting that notion on hold.

If anyone would still like the files they can email me at with "Glass Marks" + ZIP or RAR in the subject and I will gladly send the file as an attachment, which surprisingly downloads very fast that way too, seeing that they are very small files.


As I said;  feel free to do whatever you like with these. My aim is mainly to make them available in as many places as possible, for people who might need them. The more websites there are, where people can access information on glass marks the better for all of us. There once were a few very good sites for this purpose, but over time the majority have disappeared from the internet for whatever reason.

All I ask of anyone who uses these is to not prohibit others from copying them for their own purpose and to mention somewhere that these marks impressed into the glass, not etched, engraved or scans of printed paper labels. There is one large, popular glass marks site out there, (will say no names) that shows plenty of images in a very nicely formatted fashion, but they make no separation or mention as to whether one is looking at a pressed, etched, engraved mark or something that is only printed on a paper label. This aspect sort of renders the site useless to a good degree for many people.


Yes;  sharing is quite rewarding, plus another big reward for me is that I inadvertently learn a great deal about glassware that I would never have taken the time to learn about, for lack of collecting interest in some of the glass itself. Besides collecting, painting, carpentry, music and a number of other favorite past times, I enjoy reading the histories of many different manufacturing processes from the beginning of the industrial age to the present. A good deal of the information I learn there is often applicable to some unrelated project I am working on. So I guess I am admitting that sharing some glass marks isn't that selfless of an act on my part. I get as much, if not more out of it than the people I am sharing something with. As for the ebay Me-Page with the glass marks;  that is in need of some work and those download links need to be removed. The new list contains many more glass marks than are on that page if you are interested.

Well;  I think I will go and edit that ebay page right now.

Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: Anne on September 12, 2006, 02:43:09 PM
Mike, a quick question I should have asked before and didn't... are the pictures your own work and copyright? I'm assuming they are but need to check before I go further with adding to the Labels Album.
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: butchiedog on September 12, 2006, 03:41:14 PM

I drew each and every one of those images myself and yes;   they are copyright, for the sole purpose of keeping someone else from claiming them as their own and denying others the right to use them.   Also;  each image is ID coded is a special way, which I won't explain how for obvious reasons. Of course the images can be easily  altered if one cared to do all of the work, but anyone who has the original non-altered copies is protected from any claims being made by someone who would do that.

One more thing...

I made an error on one of the images and have since emailed the correct replacement image to all of those who have requested and downloaded the file via email. For anyone who downloaded the file from a link in this thread;  here is the correct replacement image.


A number of glass makers used a triangle as part of their logo, (some inverted,) so rather than draw a triangle for each mark (lazy me) I recycled the triangle and added the letter or rest of the mark to it. In this case I chose the inverted triangle for the Cambridge glass mark, which is incorrect.

All one needs to do is copy the correct mark from here and paste it into their folder, over writing the other.

Sorry about the goof. --- Mike
Title: Glass Marks Collection - Free download
Post by: Anne on September 12, 2006, 04:00:08 PM
Thanks Mike, that covers GlassGallery from a copyright point of view. Much appreciated. :)