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Title: ADMIN: BOARD POLICY - Please read before posting
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These forums are provided as a free service by Angela Bowey's Glass Museum ( to provide a space for collectors to discuss and identify their glass and for glass related discussions in general. This is not a commercial service and everyone involved is motivated only by a love of glass and a willingness to share their own knowledge. This has resulted in a unique community with a network of experts covering a huge spectrum of glassmaking and collecting. Many of those involved contribute material to the Glass Museum ( and you can find a lot of useful material by browsing that site and our sister site, The Glass Encyclopedia (

Please do not have more than two or three ID queries on the front page at any one time. This is considered impolite as it hogs the board and makes it difficult for others to discuss their glass.

Glass items can be very difficult to identify as there are lookalikes influenced by famous designs, several factories making the same design under licence or not, marketing labels identifying the retailer or importer not the maker, copies, forged signatures and outright faked items. Everyone has been fooled at some time. There is no shame in this. If an item which you thought to be something special turns out to be not worth so much, don't take it out on the messenger!

This is a board staffed by volunteers, and any help you are given is the result of someone's hard work. Please be aware of the money and time people have spent gathering this experience - and remember that they are under no obligation to help you, so a thank you (and credit for help given by the board if an item is subsequently offered for sale using that information) is always appreciated. 
Many people come here looking for valuations and sometimes expect a quick response - well, we do ask you to be patient as:

Moderation is rarely a unilateral decision as moderators generally discuss any sensitive posts with other committee members. If you wish to raise an issue about a topic with a moderator please use the Report to Moderator link on the topic  or contact one of the moderators directly - all moderators can be identified by their status below their name on posts and on their profile.

Guidance for posting messages on The Glass Message Board
Please post all identification questions in the GLASS or GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS forums - the other forums are intended for more general discussions.

Improving the appearance of your messages

For your guidance, the following are not permitted on the Glass Message Board
Possible reasons for removal of messages by the Moderator(s) would include: those which are offensive to other people, for reasons other than the content of the argument being made (if any); messages which pertain to personal disputes; messages which are threatening, intimidatory, insulting, obscene, abusive, or obnoxious; attempts to deliberately deceive other members. As this is not always immediately clear, the Moderator(s) may err on the side of caution.

Please also note that:-

If you want any help or further guidance, e-mail one of the Moderators who will be only too pleased to assist, or post your question as a new thread. Please do NOT e-mail identification requests to the moderator, post a new topic.

The committee is a group of members including collectors, makers and dealers from around the world who give advice to the moderators and owner of this board. They make the hard work more fun behind the scenes and they share the burden of keeping this Glass Message Board worthy of the support that you all give to it.

Threads which cause problems can be temporarily removed and reviewed. They will usually be re-instated after the problems have been resolved.

Please also note that material contained on the Glass Message Board is the opinion of the individual author(s), and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Moderator(s) or the Board Owner.