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Germany / Re: WMF IKORA glass lamps
« Last post by wivrrat on Today at 01:15:25 PM »
That makes sense.  When I first started looking at WMF lamps, all had metal base's and top's.  Didn't see one with a wood base.  That made me think they might be converted.  Thanks for the confirmation and info.  Much appreciated.
Germany / Re: WMF IKORA glass lamps
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 01:11:39 PM »
The conversion would probably have been carried out by an individual, there are professional glass restorers who could do this sort of work, cutting the bottom off, or perhaps an amatuer with the right sort of equipment could have done it.
I agree completely with Pinkspoons, these are vases which have been converted.

I'm afraid we don't tend to discuss "values" here, they're far too subjective.

"Ikora" is the name of the range of glass made by the WMF factory. It's a wide range, with lots of different colourways.
But I doubt very much the conversion in to lamps was done there. They made lamps to be lamps.
Germany / Re: WMF IKORA glass lamps
« Last post by wivrrat on Today at 12:58:23 PM »
Thanks for your info.  I thought of that.  Where they made in the Ikora factory?  The entire bottom is cut out.  Not just a drill hole for the wire.  That kind of made me think they were factory made????   thx, Bill
Germany / Re: WMF IKORA glass lamps
« Last post by wivrrat on Today at 12:54:52 PM »
I thought of that, but who would have made them into lamps and how would they have cut the bottom out?  The entire bottom is cut out, not just a drill hole for the wire? 
Glass / Re: Kralik vase ?
« Last post by bat20 on Today at 08:34:25 AM »
Thanks Isidor,I'll explore that avenue of thought.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Help ID small vintage paperweight
« Last post by mhgcgolfclub on Today at 08:01:49 AM »
Thanks four reply

Regards Roy
Malta Glass / Little Gozo cylinder vase.
« Last post by Scott13 on Today at 06:56:50 AM »

I don’t know much about Gozo, other than Michael Harris had a hand in setting it up in 89/90.

It’s only 10cm high but quite solidly built ( 220gm )
I can’t make up my mind whether its pattern is ‘Seaweed ‘ or not.

My photos really don’t do it justice - the bit in the middle ( the blues and greens - possibly meant
to be representing deep sea and seaweed) looks three-dimensional to me.
I haven’t been able to capture this at all.

A delightful little vase ‘imho’ ! Thought you might like to see it  :)

Germany / Re: WMF IKORA glass lamps
« Last post by Pinkspoons on Today at 12:49:33 AM »
They're Ikora vases (model no. E.139) converted into lamps at a later date. They're hard to pin down in date exactly - the shape was introduced in 1928 and was still in production in 1951.
Oh, excellent. Thanks so much.

Incredibly frustrating, though, as I had already looked through that catalogue! I must have somehow skipped over it.

Also pops up in a 1977 issue of Glass Review:
Glass Paperweights / Re: Latest additions to my collection
« Last post by zidori on Yesterday at 09:36:24 PM »
I was very keen to acquire the 3 American weights and the 2 William Manson (1 Snr/ 1 Jnr) and the Whitefriar Collection "Sweet Violet" for myself and hoped to recoup some of the costs by selling the others on. As for the trip (much safer than posting) I turned it into a short pre-Christmas break to help recharge batteries. On this occasion cost was not the overriding factor. They are all immaculate so I am not disappointed.
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