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Title: Judith Miller - '20th-Century Glass'
Post by: Pinkspoons on November 05, 2008, 01:12:51 PM
After the fracas with her recent article on Holmegaard, for a laugh, I bought a cheap copy of Miller's own 20th-Century Glass book and flicked to the relevant pages. Again, lots of fairly basic errors.

She attributes a tall 'Carnaby' vase to Michael Bang when it should be Lütken, and yellow 'Carnaby' vase to Lütken when it should be Christer Holmgren, she misspells 'Gulvvase' several times, seems to think that a Gulvvase with a hanging ball as a stopper isn't a Gulvvase any more but a large bottle, assigns a Michael Bang 'Sakura' vase to the 'Atlantis' range and a 'Rainbow' series vase to the 'Palet' range, and doesn't bother seeking the correct series or colour names for any of the other pieces, claims that an uncased 'Hellas' vase (the torpedo-shaped one on pg.47) is both cased and brown-tinged when the colour is Smoke - a greeny-grey. Oh, there's also a 'thought to be Holmegaard' piece that isn't Holmegaard.

In short, there are 14 Holmegaard attributions in the Holmegaard section. 8 are incorrect in some way, and the rest are vague to the point of useless.

Additionally, on page 50, there's a bizarre reference to Jacob Bang and Holmegaard being Norwegian.  :huh:

On the plus side, the only plus side, there are some quite nice pictures to look at. But I am rather dreading reading the rest of the book.
Title: Re: Judith Miller - '20th-Century Glass'
Post by: Pinkspoons on November 06, 2008, 11:37:03 PM
...assigns a Michael Bang 'Sakura' vase to the 'Atlantis' range...

Incidentally, exactly the same error pops up in the DK book 'The Antiques Roadshow Book of Collectables', along with an illustration of three Gulvvaser, two of which are the Cascade Glass versions, attributed to Holmegaard.  ::)

The really frustrating thing is that the book was published Sept 2008, and these same errors have been on the DK collectables identification website since at least around February/March 2007, when I wrote to them to inform them of the mistakes.