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Appreciate the help!
Hello Kerrie,

That I don't know.
Maybe someone other can answer that.

I will look some more in Swedish.

It is not a date code at all, then, but a model number. Thank you, Jonas. It seems it could have first been made in the 1930's, based on those others you found. But if the same model was made for 20 or 30 years, it would possibly have the same mark if it was made in 1960's?
(T = skål, 64 = modellnumret).
T = bowl, 64 = model number

From Swedish forum:
"Normally low numbers mean that Gerda Strömberg is the maker/designer"
"Sometimes a bowl could be in production for a long time after"

I found on one Swedish auction site, two other bowls/numbers signed  "T 52 S-hyttan 1935" and "T100 S-hyttan 1936"

Scandinavian Glass / Strombergshyttan Bowl, trying to determine date
« Last post by Kerrie789 on Today at 05:35:41 PM »
Greetings! I have a very heavy bowl I believe is signed Stromberg T64. I've been researching the mark, but I'm not clear on how to determine the date of production. I believe T is the shape of the vessel, but what year is 64? Can someone help? Thanks!


The bowl measures 24cm in diameter and 9.5cm in height.
Glass / Re: Lamp information please
« Last post by Barbie on Today at 04:45:59 PM »
I can't add anything, but I'd happily give them house room.
I think the reproductions can be very attractive. They give you the look and ambiance without the horrendous expense and being terrified of using them properly.
And I like mushrooms. Especially glass ones.  ;D

 ;D Thanks chopin-liszt, nice to meet a fellow fungus-lover! ;)
I think there were financial considerations taken into account (help to set up new businesses) over the move to Malta, rather than the weather, which the Harris family obviously liked.
(Although I can remember my mother loved the sun, and just assumed I did too. I didn't, I hated it. Small children are not supposed to be deep fried.)
Glass / Re: 27" tall yellow vase I'd help needed
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 12:44:17 PM »
It is big, bright and cheerful, you can use it happily without worrying too much about it. ;D
I do like the second V&A one you say it would make a lovely spirit bottle  :D

Interesting too that the Glasshouse was set up just at the time Michael Harris left for Malta ...obviously MH thought to replicate it all in a warmer climate !!
British & Irish Glass / Re: John Ford candlesticks
« Last post by Simba on Today at 12:33:23 PM »
Whilst researching something completely different I found this article on these candlesticks and appears they were made by St Louis c1870'
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