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Glass / Re: Is this textured cylinder vase Czech?
« Last post by Helen W. on Today at 07:30:32 PM »
Thank you, and tomorrow I'll try to add new photos that my camera hasn't tried to expose down to middle grey. ::) The vase actually has quite a sheen to it.

Will also look up Tusselmann, a new name to me.
Glass / Re: Is this textured cylinder vase Czech?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 07:22:36 PM »
It's a bit hard to tell from the pics, but the general apprearance and your mention of red bits makes me wonder a little bit about Peill & Putzler.
They do have a maker's mark, but it's not on everything. It's of two capital letters P, back to back and sharing the upright. It is quite small and etched on, often on the side, near the base. It might be worth having a very careful look for it.
Horst Tusselmann used tiny bits of red and yellowy-green inclusions in some of his work for them.
I've seen references in forum discussions to the Keith Murray Description Book. Where do I see this? Has it been published? Hope I'm not asking a daft question...

There are various images online of glass designs attributed to KM, but I'd like something a little more reliable than an attribution.
Scandinavian Glass / Riihimaki, just for show.
« Last post by essi on Today at 05:36:13 PM »
Picked up this empty box in Finland this year, to my eye a very stylish thing.
(Would have been nicer with the glass inside)

Only when the fourth extra big jumper and fluffy bedsocks fail. ;)
Phew, thought I'd have to turn the heating back on!  ;D

I've heard the best way to develop and encourage your annealling cracks is to wrap it in newspaper then put it in an attic for 20-30 years.
It should be fine in your normal living conditions.  :)
I know a bit about cold and damp myself, in Dundee. Furry-lined thermal long-johns are the answer. ;D
Thank you for your helpful advice, and the reassurance about the cracks. Next time, I'll employ the 'ding' test! 

I had to smile at your advice to keep the cracked vase away from cold and damp conditions...I live at the north end of the Pennines, so cold and damp are what we do here. ;D I will give some careful thought to the vase's accommodation though.
Glass / Re: Blue Duck
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 02:30:20 PM »
If not signed then less likely to be Konstglas and more likely contemporary Chinese - they have been using this technique for a few years now.

Glass / Re: this is not a vase? is it? - ID = plant waterer
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 02:26:49 PM »
You are welcome. Quite a useful item, apparently they work quite well.
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