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Glass / Re: Help with Figure ID please
« Last post by auliya on Today at 07:38:21 AM »
It has been identified for me elsewhere - It is in the 1938 Rosice catalogue. Thanks :-)
Glass / Help with Figure ID please
« Last post by auliya on Today at 05:44:59 AM »
I am hoping someone can identify the maker of this figure please. She stands 6.5 inches tall.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Monart Cloisonne vase real or fake
« Last post by PaulFitz on Today at 02:36:18 AM »
Hi Sue.i think that is just the cabinet light reflecting.
Cheers Paul.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Monart Cloisonne vase real or fake
« Last post by Kiwi Bill on Today at 12:13:30 AM »
Hello Paul,

I have read your thread ref this very nice piece of Monart Cloisonné and yes I'm interested!!
Contact me via email.

Kind Regards.

British & Irish Glass / Re: 'The Foundry' Royal Brierley.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 10:58:06 PM »
Here's another  ;D ;D
Glass / Re: Help ID this iridescent glass bowl. ID = Jan Zeman, Czech Republic
« Last post by KevinH on Yesterday at 10:27:26 PM »
Following Greg's latest thoughts in this thread and similar work in another thread:,65366.msg365721.html#msg365721
I have added an ID to the title and moved this into the Czech Republic (etc) forum.

If anyone recognizes other similar items from older threads, please use the Report to Moderator function so they can be reassessed and moved where necessary.
Hi carlovision, welcome to the Board.

Sorry to start off with a moderator query / comment, but the wording of the text and the fact that the image is a screen shot suggests that the text and image are from a website rather than your own words and photo. If that is the case then the Board Guidelines on use of copyright material (at least for the image, if not entirely for the text) come into play.

Please see: ADMIN: Using Copyright Material under the section for "Board Information, Help & Announcements".

If the image is not your own or is not used with permission of the copyright owner, then it will  need to be removed. A simple link to a web page is acceptable.
Wow, yes, seems identical.  Really pleased with outcome, thanks so much.
Glass / Re: Identity of glass mugs
« Last post by philip on Yesterday at 09:29:11 PM »
Hi Kevin-

Definitely glass, semi-opaque, and there is a nice pontil mark on the bottom.

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