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Glass / Re: Need help with this one!
« Last post by Anne on Today at 12:29:34 AM »
Ross, it says they were founded in 1986 so I suppose so.
Glass / Re: Vilniaus Stiklo Studija Vase signed by Who?
« Last post by ahremck on Yesterday at 11:29:58 PM »
I noticed that name too but I would still be inclined to email them direct.

Glass / Re: Need help with this one!
« Last post by ahremck on Yesterday at 11:27:10 PM »
Anne has that always been so?  I have a black Sasaki Crystal Duck Bowl and I remember Sasaki glases and Bowls that were distinctive back in the 90s.

OCDan that photo of the base was revealing in that it is now obvious the lighter stripes are actually raised and the vase is oval not round - neither piece of information was mentioned by your original description.  The base is typical of a superior factory in that it is well finished.  I would suspect a non-Murano Italian maker is quite likely.

Scandinavian Glass / Re: First piece of Kosta Boda.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 11:02:01 PM »
Thank you, nice to have a confirmation  ;D ;D ;D ;D
Sue, safe as houses just about a foot and a half from where I'm sitting  ;D ;D ;D ;D
Glass / Re: Can anyone help me identify my piece of glass
« Last post by lwerk on Yesterday at 09:21:03 PM »
ok :)
Glass / Re: Orrefors Glass Bowl
« Last post by Inthewilderness on Yesterday at 09:12:01 PM »
Thank you SveziaJonas.
I googled and found the design is the Princess Crown... I honestly never saw it as a crown, i thought it was a fancy ash tray  :-[
Thank you very much for the help
Glass / Re: St Louis? Baccarat? Big cat trinket lid
« Last post by thewingedsphinx on Yesterday at 08:45:45 PM »
Not got a winged sphinx yet. There are some small blue lions on etsy at the moment, which have different base patterns.

Going back to the original thread, the information that Anne tique provided show my lioness was part of a series. The Monkey of that series can be found on the Pressed glass pavilion website and is stamped Baccarat. So dad is happy with that but now wants a matching male Lion Doh!
Glass / Re: Nazeing tumbler cloudy glass vase or other?
« Last post by Scott13 on Yesterday at 08:01:12 PM »

Hi Tim,
When I first saw it I thought it might be Hartley Wood  - although the base is concave itís not as
pronounced as the HW ones and also itís not wonky enough!
Iím also pretty sure itís Nazeing but I wouldnít mind finding out how old it is  ::)
Many thanks for your help

Glass / Re: Orrefors Glass Bowl
« Last post by Inthewilderness on Yesterday at 07:55:40 PM »
Hi, thanks Scott13 for your reply.
Thanks for a name to google.
The bowl could have been made earlier, my mum just recieved it as a present when she came home from Sweden in 1984 from her old boss. She didn't know if it was bought new or a re-gift, and she was faaar too polite to ask. Sorry i should have been a bit clearer.
But thank you again for a name
Glass / Re: Orrefors Glass Bowl
« Last post by SveziaJonas on Yesterday at 07:50:13 PM »
Sven Palmqvist is correct, serie Orrefors Princess Sven Palmqvist.

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