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British & Irish Glass / Re: Probably Thomas Webb 'Honeycomb' pattern.
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 08:15:38 PM »
sorry, unsure really what the ebay seller meant - like you I was speculating as to meaning.     I assume the colour has made it easier to photograph this blueish example.     I could be way off, but had the rather uneducated feeling that Richardson made glass of a slightly higher quality than T.W.       IMHO I think we're going to have to live with an unspecified date of manufacture, though likely somewhere in the first 25 - 35 years of the C20.
Glass / Re: Uranium 'pot' new or not.
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 06:03:05 PM »
I did wonder about Absinthe myself. They did have special glasses and often a contraption was put on top to hold a sugar cube the drink was poured over. If the contraption was metal, it might be responsible for the wear on the rim.

Does it have a deep narrow hole in the stem? I'm fairly sure that was an absinthe feature.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Probably Thomas Webb 'Honeycomb' pattern.
« Last post by NevB on Today at 05:43:40 PM »
No you're alright Paul, I'll wait until I find one a bit cheaper  ;D. I think the linked one probably has a pontil mark but it's disguised by the pattern you can see through it. The glow looks ok too, I've got one of those torches and it's not very good, the 21 LED ones are much better, also there may be a secondary colourant in the glass which masks it. I forgot about the Richardson/Webb connection so they did mean "for"
Glass / Re: Uranium 'pot' new or not.
« Last post by Ekimp on Today at 05:35:14 PM »
Thanks, Iíll keep an eye out.
Glass / Re: Uranium 'pot' new or not.
« Last post by NevB on Today at 05:26:20 PM »
Yes they did, there are a lot of clear ones online but also some in uranium green, though they do tend to be stem glasses, some also have the moulded shape inside.
Glass / Re: Two large studio(?) pendant lamps
« Last post by flying free on Today at 05:23:09 PM »
Poschinger perhaps?

Glass / Re: Uranium Glass Bowl with Pattern of Swans and Herons
« Last post by jan1405 on Today at 05:10:55 PM »
Well done Steven! Thank you for your information. Have now found it under the Everglade Line made by Cambridge Glass.

Glass Trinket Sets / Re: Made in Czechoslovakia label.
« Last post by Walden on Today at 04:49:19 PM »
Thanks Nev. Hi Anne. It is a pot for Mystery 121. I dont have the actual pot yet, but from the original photo it had this label and the remnant of a larger label that had been removed already. I enlarged the label to see if it could be identified. When i receive it I will see if i can get a more detailed photo
Glass / Re: Uranium 'pot' new or not.
« Last post by Ekimp on Today at 04:38:04 PM »
 :) Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder (after a few). Iíve not come across that but see itís a green liqueur - did they tend to serve it in green glasses Nev?
Scandinavian Glass / candleholder, assistance with ID please
« Last post by taylog1 on Today at 04:16:17 PM »

Am slowly working through the bits of a random lot in a Swedish auction I won recently (in order to get a bit of Kosta Ernest Gordon).
For info, the first pic is the bit of Gordon.

So, the bit I'm interested in identifying is the large candleholder below in bluish glass - 17cm height, 14cm across and the top with a saddle cut and engraved line around the top.

Its signed P 524/9 and little wear, so I suspect last 20-30 years ?

Any thoughts ? (full disclosure, it'll probably end up on Ebay).

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