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Title: Billed as a Clichy scramble
Post by: wrightoutlook on June 30, 2006, 02:32:05 AM
Here's a new listing; an eBay paperweight that's billed as a Clichy scramble - auction # 260002034026.

Based on the Clichy scramble I got a few weeks ago at a flea market for a couple of bucks - which was confirmed Clichy by Glass Message Board folks, I'm thinking this eBay auction is not of a Clichy. More Boston & Sandwich or maybe Bohemian.

I feel sorry for newbie bidder Steve.
Title: Billed as a Clichy scramble
Post by: mjr on June 30, 2006, 10:47:09 AM
I think the blue canes end on with the 6 stars are Baccarat(ish)
Title: pushed up onto the podium
Post by: myweights on August 28, 2006, 03:32:17 PM
It turns out I am the seller of that weight. I have been collecting atleast 20 yrs, and selling at ebay almost 10, since their beginning.
I know from my own personal experience, any item is worth what you are willing to pay for it, first and foremost. As a seller I list my items fairly in the open market place and welcome all to make that decision for themselves. While I did not have it confirmed Clichy, at the time I was unaware of this board, hence the ? after as you or anyone else can be your own judge.
I also received an email on ebay about this same thing. The main thing I was certain on, it is not even MAYBE Boston Sandwich or Bohemian, which I was ill advised here and at ebay. I won't list what may be your username here out of something called RESPECT. I do know the weight is a nice one. The buyer you call by name on here so rudely was satisfied with his or her purchases from me. Just because his or her username was new does not mean he or she was the newbie you called them. Some people are aware such idiocracy goes on and probably want to avoid that all together, so they start up a new one, very easily. He or she may be right on this board and maybe even advised you on your weight. Your couple of bucks flea find may or highly likely may not be what you or anyone else here thinks it is. It's quite possible as noted on this site China could be turning them out, Italy, or some guy in New Jersey did back in the 20's and a zillion other possibilities to consider in your own judgement. If you didn't see it produced in the factory in France, then there is no 100% guarantee past your own personal judgement, and go by the cane types and the feel, and smell etc if you choose to, you still have what you paid for. Definitely 99.9% of all authentic Clichy weights are held in private collections. I've learned long ago to take others advice into context, but using my own judgement when purchasing a weight or anything else is what matters most to me and should to anyone else.
I am not participating in this topic any further, but I just wanted my side heard, because I have that right.
Title: Billed as a Clichy scramble
Post by: tropdevin on August 28, 2006, 07:47:54 PM
I would have been happy to win the weight at the sale price, whatever it is - "I think the boy done well".  I agree that it does not look like a Clichy scramble, but new things do keep turning up.  The colours are in line with New England, but there are no obvious NE canes in the images (that may be my eyesight).  I would subscribe to 'New England' as the origin, but without complete confidence.

I have several scramble / end of day weights that I currently call New England because they are - to my mind - not French or English or Bohemian: the colours are more pastel,  the overall style is more like New England.  But there are no definitive canes, and I may well be completely mistaken, and they may turm out to be from Scandinavia, Australia, or South Africa - who knows!

Title: that weight
Post by: myweights on September 01, 2006, 04:44:12 PM
It's funny I can still remember alot about it. It was definitely not NE Sandwich, with what little knowledge I have about them. I do know the canes centers appeared microscopic, or atleast practically out of naked eye view and I'm not so old or There were what looked like cherry blossoms, sunflowers, and a cane that had swans facing each other. I also recall a maltese looking cross in some of the centers too. I've been told it was Baccarat and will stick with that, or VSL as one of the ones posted on here looks very similar. There was what looked similar to a Clichy rose pulled/stretched (almost invisible/see through) in atleast 2 spots. The cane with the C in the middle of it threw me too.
Thanks for your input.