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Title: George Elliot Glass
Post by: Bryanhas on June 02, 2013, 10:33:29 AM
Hi, I am a recent member to the site and have used the identification service a couple of times and have been very impressed with the help given. I am an amateur at glass collecting but am trying to add it to my portfolio without getting my fingers too badly burnt in the process. I have just picked up a Geo Elliot piece, date stamped 1972 , marked Bewdley which I believe is a museum. Having jumped onto Glass messages to check it and him out, I note that there are one or two members who are collectors of Elliots works. I wanted therefore to say that we plan to list the piece on ebay UK (later) today, so if anybody is interested, they can find it listed. Our user name is trayandbry1. I have no idea what its worth so will list it with a low value in the hope that it will find a"market value" but it may give someone a chance of a bargain.
All the best and kind regards, Bryan
Title: Re: George Elliot Glass
Post by: chopin-liszt on June 02, 2013, 10:44:22 AM
You are welcome to put a direct link to your sale here.  :)