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Glass / Re: Is this Czech??
« Last post by Smitty on Today at 11:11:21 PM »
Thanks Keith for getting back so quickly. I agree they are impressive lumps even if they are Chinese lumps.
Glass / Re: Is this Czech??
« Last post by keith on Today at 10:56:55 PM »
That's what I thought when I posted mine here, turned out to be Chinese, still an impressive piece  ;D ;D
Glass / Is this Czech??
« Last post by Smitty on Today at 10:49:32 PM »
I’m struggling to identify this substantial glass vase. My first thoughts were that it must be Czech. Does anyone have any ideas. It weighs 3.6kgms and stands 26.5cms in height. Smooth but worn base. Has any one any  ideas?
Hi Fred,
glass salt shaker Portieux-Vallérysthal: DOG hitched to two baskets,c1930.
Sorry cannot include a link as having a few technical problems but they come in different colours.
Cheers Mike
Glass Paperweights / Re: is it Scottish?
« Last post by pandelune on Today at 08:47:42 PM »
Thanks Alan!
Glass Paperweights / Re: HELP! Made in Scotland Label Identification!
« Last post by mildawg on Today at 05:29:51 PM »
I'g go with Deacons.
It's got the SBAG logo, plonk, right in the middle of the label. ;)
I can recognise the logo.  ;D
I'm afraid most paperweights look pretty much the same to me, unless they've got some unusual lampwork inside.
I prefer to leave who made it, up to folk like yourself who do know how to distinguish the weight by looking at the glass itself. That is the best way.  8)

I went by the logo in the middle of the label, only. :-[

Did they not all end up sharing studio space at some point in time?
I know John Deacons allowed Franco Toffolo to use his studio on Thursdays after he (FT) retired, for a while and that at one point in time Willie Manson had to resort to driving a taxi to make a living.
What a waste of such a great artist's time!

Glass Paperweights / Re: HELP! Made in Scotland Label Identification!
« Last post by SophieB on Today at 05:09:02 PM »
Hi Sue,

Are you sure this is a SBAG weight? I must admit I do not recognise the label but the canes and the general look of the weight do not look like Peter Holmes' work to me.

If I had to give an ID I would have gone John Deacons or William Manson, but I may be wrong of course.

HI, I have a beautiful yellow glass pear with dimensions 7 cm (2 3/4 in) diameter at its widest, 15 cm (6in) high from bottom to top of the stall and weighs 410 g (14.4 oz). It has two initials - K and J (I think) at the bottom. It bears a resemblance in stylel to a red glass apple with Adam Jablonski Poland label on it, but the signature is not "AJ" as the apple is.

Does anyone know if this is another glass artist at the Jablonski glass studio or by another studio entirely? Any info gratefully received.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Paperweight ID help needed
« Last post by Nick77 on Today at 10:37:23 AM »
Hi welcome to the board,

It is a very recently made Chinese weight.
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