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I too am concerned that we have no evidence of Varnish being a manufacturer. A glass factory was an enormous investment. We also know that Varnish was a surgeon in his day job! See my previous post.

Retailers wouldn't have done the silvering; it's a nasty chemical process requiring heat

Has anyone seen the actual patents?
Glass / Re: Pressed glass circle and ray pattern, ID please?
« Last post by Nenseth on Today at 10:11:39 AM »
Thank you very much. :) :) :)
Glass Trinket Sets / Re: And finally ID = Walther "Munster" trinket pot
« Last post by Jayne on Today at 10:06:24 AM »
Another German Walther Munster thread for merging here:,46837.0.html

And for info, an image of a gorgeous frosted pink Munster version here:

A frosted pink Walther Munster set...
Further image here:

....also Ernst Buder set with atomiser

Glass / Re: Pressed glass circle and ray pattern, ID please?
« Last post by pamela on Today at 09:56:20 AM »
Hi and welcome to GMB!  :-*

Very nice collection of so many different shapes!

I vote for pattern ARGOS designed by Rudolf Schrötter for Inwald Rudolfova Hut, Bohemia - second half 1930ies and produced for many decades.

Please also see Newhall, Art Before Industry accompanying CD 'Rudolfova before 1958' page 9 and

reprint by West Virginia Museum of Glass of Inwald 1940 catalogue    scroll far down....  ;)

Another thread on Davidson 340 set for merging here please Mods:,48660.0.html
The tray doesn't look to match colourwise...
Glass Trinket Sets / Re: Queens Choice Bagley
« Last post by Jayne on Today at 09:16:12 AM »
More images of Queens Choice bowls here:

Great glad they are of use to you Anne some more for you...Large and small Queens Choice powder bowls.
Glass Trinket Sets / Re: SEVEN PIECE TRINKET SET? - ID = Brockwitz 4900
« Last post by Jayne on Today at 09:09:54 AM »
drewfind, that is a good assumption except - and this is my opinion only:
Glassmakers were in it to make money. 
If someone asked them to make glass for them then they would. 
And if the company (retailer) who had asked them to make the glass, had a patent on an invention in their (company, retailer's ) name and asked the glassmakers to make the glass they are not going to say no if it makes them money. 
But they are also not going to be able to make it under their own name since the process had been patented by the client (i.e. company, retailer), which would preclude this.

I believe there is an example of other companies exhibiting glass at the 1851 exhibition under their own names (retailers) but that look possible to have been made at Richardsons for example. (Green? for example iirc - need to check CH British Glass as the source)

And perhaps in this 'mercury' or silvered glass example we are discussing,  by the time the patent ran out, it was discovered that the glass had gone out of fashion, or was too complicated and expensive/time consuming to make and would not be profitable so the company never made it in their own name.

However, having said all that, the lack of conclusive evidence that Whitefriars made this glass is stunning given all the references.
But in my opinion they cannot be precluded solely on the basis  that they had a stand 4 stands further on and didn't show any of this type of glass on their own stand.  It may had to the evidence against though.

Some sources state that this type of glass continued to be made in Bohemia and Germany and America after 1855 iirc.
Just adding that point.

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