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Title: Shatter-proof pub glasses
Post by: Anne on February 05, 2010, 07:54:09 PM
News story for the BBC about new designs for shatterproof pub glasses to prevent them being broken and used as weapons in fights:

(  Adds a new meaning to getting shattered on a Saturday night! :-[  )
Title: Re: Shatter-proof pub glasses
Post by: misha on November 06, 2010, 10:55:55 AM
Yes... serious problem these days in some parts of WA.  A Perth 'entertainment precinct' especially so for a number of reasons.
There are recent moves to ban glasses in all WA licensed premises, which is widely supported in public opinion polls.

Back in 1980 an Australian Co. started manufacturing an acrylic 'glass' for high risk situations.  It's not just the punters that are at risk... staff can get injured too dropping the damn things.
They are nasty to find in a rubbish bin as well. Personally, I can't see any reason why the change to 100% acrylic shouldn't be done.  Work in the industry and you fully understand all the costs and risks.... especially when you have a bunch of yobbo's expecting to be able to walk into a Pub to get peed.... or they are drinking lots of Angry & Cola's  [aka.. Rum].
You know that don't you?  The level of angst on a night is directly proportional to the amount of Rum served. 

I know of many places where there is no product served in glass containers including the small bottles.  You can order beer and ready to drink spirits [300 - 375ml] in the P.E.T. plastic soft drink format.
Costs more but the customer pays... they would anyway given higher insurance cost if it was glass.  Too bad - user pays.

I can't see how the laminated glasses in 'option one' would be cost neutral.  You get heaps of glass losses when the grubs take them home on the sly too. Gets very costly.... more stolen than broken.
Very few in the industry use glass Jugs [1.140litre] anymore. Broken or not, they are a heavy weapon in the hands of an animal.