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Glass / Heavy Glass Vase Signature
« Last post by Wildnred on Today at 10:00:28 PM »
Can anyone identify this signature?! Heavy blue swirl vase, looks hand blown.
Glass / Re: Signature on a decanter
« Last post by nardy on Today at 09:55:35 PM »
Sorry , just twigged I could send more than one photo at a time
Glass / Re: Signature on a decanter
« Last post by nardy on Today at 09:52:44 PM »
Thank you , I hadn't realised there were more replies . Yes , I think it does look like the Patrick signature. I have taken some more pictures of the decanter .I also include photos of a name on a vase . I thought the first letter might be a Continental 'Z' , with a line through the middle , but maybe it is a capital E . I'm sorry it is so poor.
Glass / ID help please - white hand blown twist stem goblet
« Last post by yoyo on Today at 09:44:06 PM »
Item is signed but I cannot make it out.

Possibly the second line says 'murano'.

Small pontil in center of base. 

10 inches tall.

Weight 7 ozs.

Thanks for looking!
Glass / Green mouth blown vase with applied brown lace like decor
« Last post by px on Today at 09:01:08 PM »
Hello, would you be able to tell me where this vase comes from? Germany? Poland?
Found in Finland, so wouldn't know if it was even Sovjet Union... I believe not from Finland anyway.

Height 24cm, mouth blown green, applied brown lace like decor in the lower part.
A lot of ware in the base => 60s/70s ?
Glass / Re: German Glass - Roemer Style but Label Doesn't Match
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 06:55:38 PM »
Hi  -  you may struggle, permanently, to find the maker  -  this shape has been made for a very long time by just about every glass manufacturer in that part of Germany, but you are correct with the word roemer, and made usually in some shade of green, and intended for white wine I believe.               Not to be confused with rummer - an almost uniquely British drinking glass -  almost always in clear glass and a very different shape.
Nice glass by the way  -  probably modern - and I'd suggest made for the tourist market, but a very good find  :)
Glass / Re: Is this an Riihimaki vase?
« Last post by px on Today at 06:47:11 PM »
The color is not typical of Riihimäen lasi the shape is reminiscent of some of the export models but does not match. You do not mention any measurements or show how the base is finished - that information would help to confirm.
Glass / Re: Irridescent Pulled Feather Vase...Unknown maker
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 06:46:48 PM »
I could be very wrong, but just could be that I'm seeing MADE IN CANADA in the center of the label.           The bottom word might possibly be ALTAGLASS  -  think they are/were in Canada. :)
Glass / German Glass - Roemer Style but Label Doesn't Match
« Last post by justjeff on Today at 06:23:51 PM »
Picked up this single piece here in Richmond, VA US. I thought the label would help me id this easily but searching Vohenstrauss only brings up the town but no artist that matches the label. Anyone recognize this mark and how do you describe this style? I only mentioned "Roemer" because it seems most of their glass matches this style. Thanks!
Glass / Re: Riihimaen Lasi
« Last post by px on Today at 06:18:50 PM »
Riihimäen lasi factory ended 1990 and mouth blown glass in 1976. I have never seen this vase! It is tho known that they produced hundreds of models for export, also by order.
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