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Glass / Re: Painted Decoration on Pink Footed Narrow Chalice Vase (Blancmange)
« Last post by cagney on Yesterday at 10:54:42 PM »
  Most probably not American. High end companies did similar work like yours, Mt. Washington and Smith Bros. and of course their lesser imitators. Copied the design features, usually not the shapes. Your shape very BoHo. Possibly for export " give them the look and make and sell some more".
Glass / Re: Armorial or makers mark ?
« Last post by Ekimp on Yesterday at 10:50:55 PM »
Definitely a heraldic symbol.

I have a different one that includes a motto, the design (heraldic charge or armorial bearing?) sits on a similar row of alternate shaded ovals, the row of ovals seems a fairly common feature. Here is another one:

Your design is wheel engraved, you donít give the size but I suspect it is small and so is quite finely engraved, I think I can even see fingernails. They would be expensive and prominent makers marks.
As soon as I saw it, the first thing I thought of was your strange pink boot vase, Christine.
Which I can't find.
Hi and welcome, Tipton444.  :)
You can report yourself to a moderator to get the thread shifted if you like. There's a wee bit at the bottom right hand side of every post to click on.
Don't worry about it - they're all lovely and none of them bite.  ;D
Your vase is gorgeous, but I don't know if it is Loetz. I wouldn't be surprised if it was, the quality looks good enough, but there are other fabulous makers. ;)
British & Irish Glass / Re: Unmarked Waterford Crystal
« Last post by selinkyble on Yesterday at 06:08:40 PM »
I also have an item i believe to be unmarked waterford crystal. No markings whatsoever. Any thoughts on authenticity?

Have you looked at the body for the waterford mark? They quite often mark decanters and jugs on the side, rather than the base. Look close to the base on the body of the decanter. Sometimes their marks are so faint, they are pratically unseeable :)
Glass / Armorial or makers mark ?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 02:40:41 PM »
Hi , I found a couple of glasses with engraved marks that could be a customers arms ,but they seem a tad lonely for that !?,could they be a German makers mark ??
Thanks NevB, that definitely helps!  A great resource I wasn't aware of as well, appreciate it.  Anyone else agree that its Loetz?  I'm far from an expert, but love learning.
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: Incredible Loetz (?) Vase
« Last post by NevB on Yesterday at 01:33:45 PM »
I'm not an expert but it appears to be the Argus pattern shown in this link, in the Loetz Visual Decor Index. There are also other vases in the Loetz section with a similar shape.
Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Unidentified glass Snail
« Last post by BenDog on Yesterday at 10:31:24 AM »
Many thanks for your response Christine - much appreciated. Yes, I missed the 'solid - not blown' bit.
Still no further in with the ident but will keep searching !
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: Incredible Loetz (?) Vase
« Last post by Tipton444 on February 27, 2024, 11:25:03 PM »
I'm very sorry, I just realized I wasn't supposed to put an identification request in this section.  I'm not sure how to delete it if that is possible, can a mod move this thread?  Thanks, my apologies.

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