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Murano & Italy Glass / On a More Positive NOTE!
« Last post by ardy on Today at 08:09:20 AM »
Stumbled over this Archimede Seguso bowl and nobody wanted it so I grabbed it. Weighs 1.23KG (2.12 lbs) and is 109 mm  x 60mm (7.5" wide and 2.5" high).

It actually looked better than the photo's.
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Archimede Seguso - Skiting!
« Last post by ardy on Today at 07:54:37 AM »
Just got the money returned by PayPal. Thank Christ!

I was so shocked when I opened it and found it was the smaller version (didn't even know there was a smaller version).

So I am back to looking for a replacement or alternative. Will be far more circumspect next time.

For those with an interest in the money, it cost me $US 1,900 and I lost the cost (not cheap) to ship it back to the USA.
Glass / To Facebook or not - that is the question
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 07:40:54 AM »
This was brought up recently in a discussion and I thought I might give my experience of it.

I collect Australian made art glass, British factory and art glass, Scandinavian factory glass, some Japanese, some Murano, some from as many different countries & islands as I can find.  Commonly known as a bower-bird here in Australia.  I joined a couple of Facebook sites on glass and found they had a huge range of glass being presented for attribution & or value.  In general the level of expertise is pathetic and snap judgements the norm.

So I started my own groups.  An Australian one of course, two Scandinavian groups, a Japanese group, and one I called Mystery for those items i can't seem to get a line one.  All of these I still administer.  They are specifically for people who have reason to believe their unidentified item comes from the area specified.  They are not sales sites nor are valuations allowed.  People also show various items they own for the pleasure of others or to help those beginning to collect.  I had a Paperweight group that I have closed and a Webb Crystal group I closed as well.

There are many members who I know from this Board, and from time time we recommend serious learners to join here because of the expertise you all collectively have.

I am clear that the expertise here is wonderful but so it should be you have been going for a long time and it has been built up.  I started my groups in January, 2014.  I have many people with great expertise in all of  them - certainly more than I personally could hope to have.  More important is they are knowledgeable in areas that specifically interest me.

In conclusion, I would say there is more than enough room for Facebook Groups and The GMB , I would be unhappy if one group declared "war " on the other.


PS.   Angela is on FB.
Germany / Re: hell halbweiss?
« Last post by dirk. on Yesterday at 07:23:20 PM »
The synonymical use of the the term white for clear would only work in one direction, so a clear
item would sometimes possibly be called white, but never vice versa.
I think the word ´kristall´ would always implicate a stronger clearness than just ´klar´. There would
also be the word ´kristallklar´ (crystal clear) in german with the same meaning as in english; this
can also be used in a figurative way.
Peter with your knowledge i would be honoured if you were in my facebook group. ;)
Glass Paperweights / Re: Possible Scottish bookends
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 06:55:58 PM »
A few close ups, you can see though how a cracked paperweight could be used.
Thank you very Much
kind regards Steven
Thank you all So much for your replies and i apologise for my lateness in replying i have been away.

the base in real life does show signs of wear, i have experience with antique weights and the look and feel would certainly suggest pre 1900
thank you so much for the ID Im always blown away by the Knowledge in this forum
kind regards Steven
Hi the glass from the snowglobe was threaded and it was glass not plastic. It had a circular separate
Rubber piece and when put together it was absolutely watertight. The glass had lots of tiny air bubbles in it. My sister has it now. I bought it from EBay for for Xmas. Hope that helps any other question I’ll try to answer even though I don’t have it now👍🏻
Glass Paperweights / Re: New Paperweight -- Murano ???????
« Last post by antiquerose123 on Yesterday at 02:22:38 PM »
Yes it's a PP4 weight by Perthshire Paperweights made from 1969 until 1994

Oh Thank you for your Reply too...I was typing the other when you replied.  Great to have the confirmation and the sharing of knowledge on this PW.  It was my little gift I bought myself on Saturday....LOL.

 It has a new Home here !!  Again Thank you !!
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