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Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Angel fish, unusual
« Last post by glassobsessed on June 12, 2018, 08:16:59 AM »
Suspect that says Mdina or Mtarfa. Hard to get a good photo of the signature when you cant get the item to stand upside down!


Hi Christine,
Many thanks for your reply - sounds as if i might have got the Victorian bit right: Iíve no idea whatís
entailed in the making of air trap glass - apart from the obvious!
I have to say itís an incredibly attractive vase.
Thanks for your help  :)


Definitely not Murano and I don't think it's 1970s Italian airtrap. My guess would be 1880s ish Bohemian air trap

Any thoughts on this one?

Its pontil mark is concave and slightly rough.
Feels heavy(ish)considering its size.

Ht  15.5cm ( a bit over 6.0Ē )
Wt  375gm

Would appreciate any help re its identity.
Many thanks for looking.

see above and
perhaps whoever made it was influenced by seeing alabaster zoomorphic antiquities?

Anik, even if this doesn't help, you might be interested in this article anyway - some interesting information on Czech glass 20th century history and artists in here

Having gone through Jindrich's list of artists for the B's I couldn't see any other maker that might be relevant.
Glass Paperweights / MOVED: Help to I'd glass swan
« Last post by Anne on June 11, 2018, 09:39:50 PM »
Right - I'm just adding this thought.  Most likely a complete red herring and I cannot find anything that might remotely make a link to the style of your sculpture apart from the initials.
But, for the initials Jaroslava BrychtovŠ came to mind.  For the style, nothing I can find.  However, this is 1970 so maybe, just maybe, it was an experimental piece perhaps?
Then I found this book with her signature in it

and this is the signature page signed by her
and that J and the kind of wobbly type B well maybe not the B so much, but the J reminded me, so meant I  had to say something ... just in case iykwim?  Anyway, probably a complete red herring as I said, particularly given the style of the glass.

Glass / Re: Help with mystery vase: Very odd pulegoso vase, signed to the base
« Last post by Anik R on June 11, 2018, 08:17:56 PM »
Hi m...   I think a JB is quite possible (though not J Beranek). The search continues  :)
Glass / Re: Help ID heavy blue modern art glass bowl- Scandinavian?
« Last post by Anik R on June 11, 2018, 08:16:11 PM »
Lovely bowl,  but not Skrdlovice.  The base would be highly polished and flat, and the edge of the base would be slightly shaven. 

Anik :)
Glass / Orange bowl for i/d with raised pattern
« Last post by malcmat on June 11, 2018, 06:47:24 PM »
Just wondered if anyone had seen this bowl before. Orange bowl with raised pattern ground pontil mark on base not polished.
97cm tall x 100cm dia and 481gr

many thanks
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