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Glass / Re: Smokey Blue Squat Vase ID Help Please
« Last post by Anne E.B. on Today at 04:25:33 PM »,17315.0.html

Is this what you were thinking of Della? 
I just came across it quite by accident looking for something else, and thought it might be the same ;D
Glass / Re: Identify a centerpiece/plate of (probably?) Murano Glass
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 03:37:56 PM »
hello Matteo - welcome to the GMB, and compliments on your English :) 
.............  now Milan I've heard of, but regret that Forte dei Marmi - despite your comments that it's famous - has escaped my education, until this week ;D
You may well be correct with your suggestion that this was from the Gulf of Venice, though regret not my area, and as am sure you will know, the prodigious quantity and variety of glass that has come from the 'Island of Murano' is truly staggering, though bearing in mind your location then a 'Murano' provenance is possible ..............  if my understanding is correct, then the word simply implies one of many glasshouses on the island, and most glass from that location that reaches the books and auctions appears to be the more colourful art glass, and of course all the animals.
With unmarked glass, and an absence of labels, we are into immediate difficulties as to attribution, and id for your platter/plate will require that someone somewhere recognizes it and is able to confirm your suggestion.                Assume you mean 1.5 kg. of weight rather than 15, and
was it the dealer who originally suggested Murano and a date of 20s/30s, or is that speculation on your part?

The two art periods you mention are recognizably different, and I wouldn't have thought your glass old enough to be nouveau, but deco is a possibililty.   Large plates/platters do occur in the 1930 - 45 period  -  Whitefriars and Nazeing - though British - did produce items that were similar in general shape during that period, some with substantial diameters, so your piece might be from that date, though such pieces have been made since.

Unfortunately, antiques dealers are not known for their accuracy when dating vintage items, so my feeling is that you must be cautious with a date.                     Fingers crossed someone may be able to offer real help.

British & Irish Glass / Chance or not ?
« Last post by keith on Today at 02:25:08 PM »
Set of three famous sailing ships, not in David's books so did I do well or not  ::) ;D ;D
Glass / Re: I'm trying to identify a 9.5" Crystal Duck
« Last post by therage on Today at 01:15:00 PM »
I went back over the piece with a magnifying glass to verify no signature; and no signature (except for my grubby fingerprints).

Trying 'goose' in my searches and getting more of the flatter bill rather than pointed. Searching for 'scandinavian crystal goose paperweight' I'm getting some similar shapes, but they're all much smaller. The search words, 'bird, duck, goose' are being used simultaneously in titles (and tags) so I'm getting similar results regardless (but again, more of the flatter bill with the word 'goose').
Glass / Re: Victorian? Book Vase
« Last post by thewingedsphinx on Today at 12:50:12 PM »
Hi Kevin,
It's from a leaflet from the pressed glass collectors club, sorry didn't realise that was a problem.

" Manchester pressed Glass"

Glass / Re: I'm trying to identify a 9.5" Crystal Duck
« Last post by therage on Today at 12:03:27 PM »
Deco as in style of design (I know it's an abused term). I searched for 'Scandinavian crystal duck' and this was the in the results:

Pretty close wouldn't you say?
Glass / Re: I'm trying to identify a 9.5" Crystal Duck
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 08:58:01 AM »
is this deco style Dave?  ................   do we have such shaped ducks from c. 1930 for comparison.              I had a feeling that I'd also seen this shape of duck from Scandinavia in the 50s or 60s perhaps  -  but memory could be going again. :)              Anyway, thanks for confirming this is a solid piece.
Glass / Re: I'm trying to identify a 9.5" Crystal Duck
« Last post by therage on Today at 01:34:58 AM »
Yeah, me too. I figured out the problem (me). This thing is a solid, giant hunk'a glass; and very deco, so I suspected it was a paperweight at one point, but it's a little big for that (unless your office is outside in Chicago). There's not much else to see. I can't imagine being able to tell something definitive about it thru some other pic from some other angle. But let me know. Thanks again ... Dave
Glass / Re: Uranium Cut Glass Cordial or Wine?
« Last post by KevinH on Today at 01:34:18 AM »
Hi Nazz,

I have removed your new post that you placed in the USA forum (and which was moved into the Glass forum) as it duplicated this ID thread.

If we get a positive ID on an item then a moderator will update the thread title and move it to the relevant country forum if applicable. Otherwise, having the same request in different places can get confusing.

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