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Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by brewster on Today at 03:14:39 AM »
Hi m, I've come full circle to think it is from Colin Heaney's studio. The logo goes the second way up and the components most likely have the meanings we've suggested. Now we've been forced to think harder about it, we hazily recall seeing the logo on a board out the front of the studio in Byron Bay. There's nothing of it left now, as can be seen from the Google Street View of 6 Acacia Street.

Thanks for all the data including the house photos and the internally mottled piece. This latter bit of evidence is significant, I think, because the mottling is so similar. At its peak, there were 15 people working in his studio, and there was lots of experimentation going on. It is quite conceivable that someone or a combination of people had the skills to do this. The Heaney operation did commissions for Saudi palaces, so some way-out pieces would have been attempted.

He sold the house a couple of years ago. The listing is still on the agent's website:

Yes, I've seen the Sean O'Donoghue sand-etched pieces. He showed us the machine when it was new and he was experimenting with it.

I did look at your Okra link. I got badly sidetracked by the question "What is cameo glass?". I agree with your broader use of the term, perhaps with suitable qualifiers where necessary for clarity. For those who insist on a narrower definition of "cameo", I note that some writers say the word refers to carving that reveals white figures on a dark background!


1984 /   Jiřina Žertová  works near Karlov but his mind Is in Venice.
1984  /  Jiřina Žertová  trabaja cerca de Karlov pero su mente está en Venecia.
Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by flying free on Today at 12:54:55 AM »
and also Colin Heaney photograph of giant boule sculpture here

and more pics here of the house

I can't see anything by Heaney that appears to be sandblasted cameo
however this piece does have that multi coloured mottled interior layer

Sean O'Donoghue does sand-etched work (at least I think it is)

(waiting up for one of my kids to come home from a party so having fun browsing glass :)  )
Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by flying free on Today at 12:51:19 AM »
did you see my Sarah Cowans for Okra link and info?

Yes I agree not Gordon work or Lisabeth Sterling or Terri Colledge or Kelsey Murphy or Chris Carpenter.

The closest I've seen is the Okra suggestion
Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by brewster on Today at 12:46:40 AM »
The "volcano" in the Hokitika logo looks like a fume hood over the furnace. Perhaps the "water" in my logo is meant to be a pool of molten glass, suggesting the furnace by its contents. The sun and moon fit nicely with the "day and night" imperatives of a glass furnace, as you say. Without the volcano in the logo, my focus is coming closer to home again. (I still need to interpret those "ionic columns", though.)

The etching does not have the fine detail or exquisite finish of any of the Gordon family (Alasdair, Rish or Kevin).

Your suggestion of its domestic use as the knop on a bannister reminds me that I have seen photos taken inside Colin Heaney's house, where there were many outrageous structural and decorative elements in glass. Now where...

Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by flying free on Today at 12:06:59 AM »
oh and have you checked out Gordon Studio glass?

I'm sure they or someone in the family, does cameo glass.
mm, having checked I was thinking of Alasdair and Rish Gordon but I think  their work is hand carved so perhaps not them.  But do have a look at their work which is very beautiful :)

The iridescence is beautiful and reminds me of Norman Stuart Clarke's iridescence. 

Shape wise it reminds me of a boule/knop on a stair case bannister :)

This was my Sarah Cowans (during Moorcroft ownership) for Okra paperweight - the fish and seaweed was iridescent and it had a mottled layer.  I've seen the mottled layer on other Okra pieces as well and also the blue iridescence.,39471.msg218679.html#msg218679

Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 11:37:48 PM »
Trevor Hokitika have a 'volcano' :) in their logo (except it's part of the glass furnace  :)  )

I don't think they make this kind of glass though.

However perhaps what you are seeing a volcano might be representing a furnace instead?  A furnace near the sea, greek columns? night and day representing the furnace always burning?

Glass / Re: Cameo cut ocean theme on a large blue ball
« Last post by brewster on Yesterday at 10:55:37 PM »
Thanks for looking, m.

Yes, there are streaks of blue on a white background inside. The blue and white layer is below the surface even where the outer layer is cut away. It seems there is another layer of clear in between (although that clear intermediate layer is frosted by the etching).

I forgot to say, the ball is about 15cm diameter and slightly taller than that because of the base and top.

Glass / Re: Very Heavy Glass Bottle with Stopper I.D?
« Last post by ckscot on Yesterday at 09:47:10 PM »
It looks very like one which I posted about a couple of years ago, except there are different colours and mine doesn't have stopper - I didn't imagine that it was ever intended to have one ???.  Czechoslovakia was suggested and Luigi Enesto Oball but nothing quite fitted.
Here's a photo of my piece and a link to my thread -,61313.msg345615.html#msg345615
Glass / Re: Mystery Czech glass match holder & striker REGD. NO. 71127
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 08:53:11 PM »
my comments about animals and deco style - utter rubbish of course.                    Far more glass animals in the C19 that the C20  ...........  but as has already been mentioned, the clincher which says this is a C20 piece and not Victorian is the word Czechoslovakia.
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