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How so? It was introduced with the arrival of the Boffos and discontinued around or before 72. That's all I'm taking from it.
You are reading too much into the polished pontil mark.
Hi everyone,

Niya here, nice to meet you :)
I'm new to this forum (though I've lurked for a while) and I've got a question (and I hope some of you might provide an answer).

While trawling ebay, I've noticed a number of engraved - or possibly etched, not sure on the technique - pieces (in particular - vases), commonly attributed to ZBS/Klinger. The engravings vary, and I've seen a number of flowers, birds, deers and even ships, such as in this - already finished - listing:

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some of these ZBS/Klinger pieces are engraved while others (most of them actually) are not. Does anyone have an answer?

P.S. Did you know that there is something called Ayers Rock in Australia? You learn something new every day :)
Interesting! An oddity that this one has a polished pontil (so Harris era) and is signed by Marie with a squiggle! The inclusion of the word Malta is something I only associated with MH signatures, clearly an export piece I imagine.
During Michael Harris' time at Mdina the majority of items went unsigned.

A few are simply signed Mdina, most of those items were intended for the American market, it was the American distributor that had requested 'signatures'.

The exceptions were those signed by MH with his name and Mdina Glass Malta.  All were engraved with a diamond point engraver.

After Harris, all engravings were done with a dremmel type tool, dates start to appear as well as the various squiggle names.

Yes I have saved copies now, certainly a good reference for future pieces, thank you :)

I know! Its one of the tallest pieces I've ever seen I have to say (that's not an attenuated bottle). I'm not entirely sure, given that they were able to blow the fish vases which have considerable weight I'm sure that this could have been hand blown. But having said that they could very well have used the mould for the bottles! Were they in production during the Boffo period? Its around 4 1/2 inches wide, if that matches the dimentions of the bottles and they were produced at that time it could well be it was a large stoppered bottle they decided to do something else with!

Just to add, the signature of Dobson's that you shared in your previous post matches the signature on my Dad's large Onion vase dated 1974 next to the trial tricorn! He will be pleased!
Can you take copies for yourself from those (resized for the board) images, or would you like me to send you the originals, unaltered?
If you want them, click on the envelope ocpn under my username to send me a message, and we can get into email contact after that.

12"! Do you think it would have been made using the mould for the enormous stoppered bottles? I think they're about 12" before they bulge over the top, but mine are awfully high up and I can't reach to measure.
The ones I call "sweetie jars", because they're so big, they look like the bottles on sweetie shop shelves. :)
Well this one is 12 inches! A real whopper! I am very fond of the Rosenthal range, so hard to come by I've found, at least not for astronomical prices!

Many thanks for the signature images, Marie's signature is very pointy! Eric's has a much gentler flow to it.
I cannot make out what your ruler says, so I have no idea what size it is, but I do have some unusual, very large cylinders, about 9". Some textured and later, and a Rosenthal.

I'm posting copies of a Marie "signature" and an Eric "signature" below.
Glass Paperweights / Re: ID help - "V." Signature on paperweight
« Last post by Chrissy-g on Today at 04:53:13 PM »
Thank you, Allan!  I had thought it was a Mosser because it was so like some others with the "M".  I thought the V might mean "Variety Glass" but I can only find mention that there was Variety Glass and not what their mark might have been.  I've looked up Ray Bichard as well, as I know he did work for both Mosser and Degenhart, but kept coming up empty.  I would love to find some documentation somewhere - do you know of any resources?  Thank you again!
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