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USA / Bunny on Basket
« Last post by Ktigue on Today at 01:56:19 AM »
I am looking for pictures of 2 products that were made for the Tiara line from Indiana Glass Company. The only information I have on them is from a Tiara Product list I happen to find listed one day.  One of the molds is said to be made by Fenton but I have not found anything on it yet. So I am hoping with this information that maybe some of yall on here will know.  This has the product number, description, color, date and mold and glass company and suggested retail price.  I really hope someone can tell me something about these last two I'm hunting for.
10380   Bunny and Cover Ears up   Opal Pink   1990     $40.00   Fenton

10876   Bunny on Basket           Peach   1997     $8.00   Indiana Glass
  I would certainly concede there was no need to add lead to the batch to achieve the desired color. The PK comment seems to rely on the dichroic effect to achieve a goal in opal/uranium. Thus the somewhat negative  attitude toward lead in the batch. What is the goal? More opacity? Lead glass seems to add a more translucent effect, due to greater refracture of light and lessening of the dichroic effect?

Thanks for taking those photographs Cagney.  I've been mulling over that comment in PK.  I think the fluorescence referred to must mean the yellow/green effect in seen in transparent uranium glass.  And so not an effect seen in opaline glass by eye/daylight.  So an explanation as to why that must have been the reason why there was no experimentation with French uranium opaline glass?  There was nothing different about it so no need to experiment with using uranium in French opalines?  Perhaps an explanation on how to differentiate French opalines from Bohemian opalines if there is a question over identification and the item contained uranium?



If I recall correctly there is the point that Baccarat was experimenting with opaline uranium glass. Perhaps this comment in PK is making reference to earlier times when French makers were doing their wonderful opalines and so during that period the point being made is  there was no need/desire to include uranium in the batch.
Glass / Help Identifying a Multi Colored Murano Glass Vase/Jug
« Last post by LEGSY on Yesterday at 07:45:38 PM »
Here we have a nice jug or vase in two main colors that
seem to fade into one another green to yellow which is
slightly thinner on the outside edges. The base has been
well polished. There are quite heavy lobes around the
vase mainly on the left & right with smaller ones in between.
It measures approximate to 12" I can say it is slightly lighter
than some similar pieces i have had in the past which were
sommerso colored but were less faded color wise and slightly
smoother outside without the lobes. Any info most interested
to hear thanks.
Glass / Re: lead glass
« Last post by wuexpress.fedexph@gmail.c on Yesterday at 06:26:08 PM »
Anyone knows about this one ?


Glass / Re: lead glass
« Last post by NevB on Yesterday at 03:38:17 PM »
4theloveofmurano, from what I have read, as long as you don't put an acidic drink in it, leave it for a week or more, then drink it, you will be OK :)
British & Irish Glass / Davidson Creamer 1880-90.
« Last post by NevB on Yesterday at 03:08:22 PM »
It's just possible to make out the Davidson mark for 1880-90 on this little 3.5" creamer which I found at today's boot sale. I can't find this pattern anywhere, it might be made from the moulds of the other companies which Davidson bought up around that time.
British & Irish Glass / Interested in learning more about my bottle
« Last post by Gerryinthebush on Yesterday at 02:19:34 PM »
Dear all
While doing work in my house in London I found this bottle buried near the foundation.
It has the words “kilner  brothers Dewsbury”
Printed on the bottom .
I found info on the internet but cannot find similar bottle.
Appears to be used for preserving food?

I love the look and feel of the bottle and would appreciate any information you may have on it.
Kind regards
Oh just joined this cool club
Glass / Help identifying mid-century Murano vase
« Last post by 4theloveofmurano on Yesterday at 12:53:34 PM »
Dear all:

I just added this piece to my collection. It’s not signed. I want to say it is Barovier & Toso, but I am not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Note: These photos belong to the individual who very kindly sold me the piece. I am using the photos because they look exceptionally good. If I am breaking any forum rules, I kindly ask a moderator to please remove the photos. I will take my own photos of the artifact I purchased, if required. Thank you.
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