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Pomegranates does tie in nicely, makes much more sense especially with the colour of those flowers (which was always a loose end).
Glass / Re: 2 small honeycomb pattern glass vases 1 cased
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 10:11:39 AM »
This perfume bottle is signed TVG.

Glass / Re: Black base what's it for?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 08:51:47 AM »
wish you every success if you do Anne.                  I'm sure you remember some of my earlier comments about the need for a Reader's Ticket in order to research the archives  -  unfortunately, without this you would be confined to the café area, and though pleasant as their Victoria Sponge is, it would be frustrating to be confined to a coffee and bun only, had you come a long way.          If you're serious about visiting Kew, do give them a call beforehand just to assess the situation, and documents needed for proof of id.  :)       
Glass / Re: 2 small honeycomb pattern glass vases 1 cased
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Today at 07:22:49 AM »
A deep smooth inverted pontil mark is typical for TVG
Glass Trinket Sets / I.D help please.
« Last post by theElench on Today at 06:25:04 AM »
Could anyone I.D this flask please?

Does anyone know of something that would get rid of the strong smell of perfume.  I've washed it several times in hot water with plenty of Fairy Liquid but the smell comes back seemingly just as strongly, even with the stopper in I can still detect it.  It's one of those smells that blocks my sinuses as soon as I get near it.

It measures roughly 4.5 inches across and 5.5 inches high.

Thanks for any suggestions particularly with the scent removal.
Glass / Re: Black base what's it for?
« Last post by Anne on Today at 01:19:08 AM »
Paul, that's fascinating to see the original design, thank you! And it's Century Glass Works too, one of the companies I'm hunting for more info about. I wonder how many more designs they registered after the date of the Blue Book's coverage? It is looking more and more like I am going to have make a trip back down to London and spend a week in the archives myself! 
Glass / Re: 2 small honeycomb pattern glass vases 1 cased
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 09:32:35 PM »
good idea  -  the left hand pink example looks to be giving a nod (albeit unconvincingly) in the direction of the C19 satin air trap design. :)
Glass / Re: Black base what's it for?
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 09:27:46 PM »
images of the original factory drawing, plus the Register page, now attached, showing the maker as Century Glass Works, Edmonton, London - the style of which would suggest a maker rather than wholesaler/retailer only.     
In case the wording is unclear, the description for intended use reads  .............  "a base for supporting a vase, bowl, bedside lamp or the like."
It may well be that Claire's 'snow globe' is threaded, and has a central hole which fits over the projection in the centre of the base, in which case they will possibly have started life together.               The internal shape of the base requires something other than a fully circular design, and it's noticeable that the floor of the base carries some form of indent - for sealing perhaps?          Opinions welcome. :)
Glass / Identify signature on blown glass bowl
« Last post by Jfeenaughty on Yesterday at 09:20:07 PM »
I have a blown glass bowl.  I think part of the signature is 1977.  I live 40 miles from Corning Glass Works and I would not be surprised if it was from there.
Glass / Re: 2 small honeycomb pattern glass vases 1 cased
« Last post by lyndhurst44 on Yesterday at 09:13:23 PM »
Hi Paul,
Good idea. I'll give it a few days here and if nothing turns up I'll give them a call. The only vase I could find with a similar design was an early Welz piece but these 2 seem to be 21st Century.
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