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Glass / Re: Machine engrave drummers?
« Last post by Anne Tique on Today at 12:02:04 PM »
So far I found this pattern, in french called 'Circulaires', back at Choisy-le-Roi and VSL, both around 1908 but as Sue mentioned, i'm sure you can find it back elsewhere and you'd have to go for the shape to pinpoint it.
Glass / Re: Machine engrave drummers?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 11:55:20 AM »
Yes, Pall Mall are not crystal, are they? But it's a very similar pattern to one of the ones in that genre. And even with the distortion, I can see the glasses themselves are something a bit better. ;D
Glass / Re: Machine engrave drummers?
« Last post by bat20 on Today at 11:40:50 AM »
Lol,sorry about that,I hope it was the predictive text!..they really are very rummers like in the real and I'll have to alter the settings on the photo reducer thingy next time.Pall mall are very light and I think a lot were continental made where these are solid and well leaded,but thanks I guess there is little chance of pinning down the maker.
Glass / Re: Machine engrave drummers?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 11:29:37 AM »
It is a common pattern to find engraved on older glasses, but I think, even with the distortion, that they might be unusual glasses to find this sort of engraving on.
One of the other patterns found, in a similar vein, is called Pall Mall, I don't know if searching for that might help pin something down?

There's a wee typo in your title which seems to change the meaning - I was expecting to see a marching band engraved on them.  :)
I remember them.  ;D
Along with the paper underpants that were the fashionable gimmick at the time. No laundry, just throw them away. Mother thought they'd be useful for camping.
They were not remotely practical for a child bouncing on a trampoline.  ::)

That was not the pair that came wrapped around my copy of Alice Cooper's "School's Out", although I was made to use those ones too.
We had no idea they'd be worth anything later.  :'(
You can have two posts on the same thing as long as the one NOT in the marketplace doesn't mention that it's for sale
Yes Kenny from Belgium, I know exactly who you are ... negative feedback? I guess you're used to that and don't talk to me about being inappropriate....i find that a bit strong coming from you.

Anyway, that's it from me, good luck with your bowl.

Well done! It's good to have a mystery solved.

I need to make a correction to what i said myself. Looking at the yellow/pink bit, it's not the result of silver chloride,
that's the result of silver NITRATE.
I've been in discussion with somebody from Malta who confirmed that.
I'd been led a little astray by the Mdina book, which refers mostly to silver chloride, but that acts differently to silver nitrate, which was in use, I believe, far more.
Glass / cased glass vase
« Last post by JOK on Today at 10:59:43 AM »
Just wondering if anyone knows who designed and made this vase. Scandinavian or Czech I would have thought. My closest guess would be Gunnar Ander for Lindshammar.
btw, I also found this bowl on, this person is claiming it's VSL. Because I didn't believe here/him I posted my question here.
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