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Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Glass sculpture
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 07:11:18 PM »
A plain background helps loads.
(a couple of sheets of A4 would do)
We're trying to work out what a three dimensional object looks like from a 2D image.
You have the advantage of knowing what it looks like properly before you take the photo, so when you see the image, it looks as it should.
But to us, who don't have that advantage, we can't really work out what bit is where and reflections from stuff in the background don't help.

The carpet? seems to reflect up into one bird's body and then the up into the tips of the others' wings.

Did you use the very closest-close-up feature of the camera? On enlargement, they seem to go out of focus, so detail is lost.

And it is sideways on, turning it around 90 degrees would help too. ;D
Do get in touch if you're stuck. :)

France / Re: Baccarat unusual vase any ideas on date?
« Last post by flying free on Today at 07:08:09 PM »
It has some similarities with this piece - however without having both in hand it is difficult admittedly:

France / Re: Baccarat unusual vase any ideas on date?
« Last post by cdm1christopher on Today at 06:57:18 PM »
cannot be 100% certain as there are no marks to the base although on older pieces this would not be uncommon.
The colour to me says baccarat opaline as I have had a few pieces with exactly the same hue.  The green also being fairly pastel in colour and the design.  Having looked through many catalogues I am unable to pin it down to an exact piece although there are similar designs.  I also came across a few pieces sold by reputable dealers which again same design one a compote the other a smaller version similar to this.
The foot is triple step.  Hollow underneath and flat cut and having a polished foot rim.  It could have been a one off, trial piece not really sure.  The folded rim and pineapple cut to me suggest baccarat style but!  Maybe Val St Lambert?  Although not really seen any pieces like this made by them.  Plus baccarat used uranium in some of their early pieces. 
If you can shed some light on the piece be much appreciated.

Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Glass sculpture
« Last post by Prb67 on Today at 06:50:54 PM »
Thank you very much! :)
I Will try my best to post more and better quality pictures.
If I am not able to I will surely try your last option! ;D
Glass / Re: Is this Georgian?
« Last post by Laird on Today at 06:40:04 PM »
It has a polished pontil, while there are plenty of the expected 'usage scratches' on the base rim.
From my reading, I understand that a rough or polished pontil is not a definitive indication of age.
The engraving design has the 'sense' of similar engravings I have seen on early Victorian glassware.
Glass / Satin Glass Vase Ident.
« Last post by Rookeryneuk on Today at 06:38:22 PM »
Any information please - Age, Maker, Country of Origin. all or any - much appreciated.
Wonderful shaped vase.
"orange peel texture" satin glass slightly iridescent on the outside.
Fluted rim and lobed body.
Height approx. 6 Inches.
On the base the is a faint Oval, with what appears to be a stylised relief figure inside ?- Would a Madonna figure Be too fanciful ?

Looking forward in anticipation.
Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Glass sculpture
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 06:25:12 PM »
 :) I do understand your frustration, believe me.  ::)
I think your sculpture is of a couple of big water birds, which are a fairly unusual feature, but this is not an area of glass I know anything about.

Your pics don't blow up as much as I'd like them to, the instructions provided in the link I gave you would fix that. Others who would know more do need to be able to see details clearly.
We also need to see what the base looks like. Even if there's "nothing to see there" the sort of "nothing" can tell us a lot.
I don't know what systems you're using, so I can't help with details.
I use paintshop pro, which works on my windows 7, I can't help with anything more advanced than that.
If you can't find the right instructions for your systems, click on the envelope under my username and send me a private message. That way, you can then email me the images and I'll resize them for you.
Glass / MOVED: Swirled onion vase bottle - signed
« Last post by Anne on Today at 06:17:18 PM »
Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Glass sculpture
« Last post by Prb67 on Today at 05:50:34 PM »
Sorry  ;D
This is the best I could do!
Arenít the pictures i provided enough to give an answer?
Please tell me so, i donít think I can post something better
British & Irish Glass / Re: Swirled onion vase bottle - signed
« Last post by WhatHo! on Today at 04:43:06 PM »
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