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The colour I'd not a true reflection defo whitefriars aubergine , been directed to look at their stitch cube square pattern Nd also textured basket willow weaver, do appear to be some similarities, what do you think?
I really like this Skrdlovice design - it's very organic and, for some reason, my first association is always a pair of lungs even though when I squint and look at it a second time, I'm sure it's a heart  ;D :-[
sorry forgot measurements its a big item,  its just over 30cms tall and 15cms wide
Hi anyone have any ideas of who may have made this glass vase? is it east european or english maybe?

Welcome, Alix and thanks for your comment. :)
I've just got hold of my Scraffito bowl from Ed and Margaret Burke to compare the mark but it's not quite the same.
Depending on which way up you look at it, it reads what looks like either M3 or EW, but the letters look to be written by the same hand.
It might be well worth writing to them to ask if they made this piece. :)
British & Irish Glass / Re: Sam Herman paperweight signature question
« Last post by Alix on Today at 10:03:12 AM »
If the tea light only has that EM signature

it's probably  E+M Glass from Cheshire
Glass / Pink Holmegaard glass?
« Last post by wreje035 on Today at 08:36:24 AM »
Hi there,

I have purchased the most beautiful soft pink glass vase and strongly suspect that it is Holmegaard. The shape and rim are so familiar. I've just never seen a pink piece of holmegaard before! Or this particular shape.

Could anyone help identify this for me?

Thank you so much!
Glass News / Re: Library at Isle of Wight Glass Museum
« Last post by chilternhills on Yesterday at 07:49:19 PM »
The library now has over 200 titles and it is starting to become a useful reference resource. I have come across some great books for not a lot of money. The stand out ones for me this month were The Beauty Of Modern Glass by Ronald Stennett-Willson, signed by Ronnie himself, and Glass: An Artist's Medium by Lucartha Kohler, a goldmine for the practicing glass maker.

Glass / Re: Help ID this Studio Glass Bowl Possibly WMF
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 07:35:23 PM »
Who ever made yours Roy made a little bowl i posted on here a little while ago. looks like Loetz Schaumglas
Glass / Re: Help ID this Studio Glass Bowl Possibly WMF
« Last post by chilternhills on Yesterday at 07:25:58 PM »
Hi Roy,

Your bowl looks very much like WMF Ikora-Medusa. But the 1931 WMF catalogue says that Medusa is lemon yellow in colour. In the book by Burschel & Scheiffele on page 122, pattern number 70/3450 is very like your little bowl. The book doesn't give the size, but the proportions look right. Page 116 there is a better picture of Medusa and it is very like your bowl. But, as you say, Medusa and Loetz Schaumglas can be confused.

Hope this helps.

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