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Glass / Re: Portmeirion Glass Vase - more information wanted if possible
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 06:06:23 PM »
Hi  -  you don't comment as to whether you have spoken to the people at 'The Prisoner's' village, so failing all else, you might contact the shop at Portmeirion, attaching a picture of your glass, and keep fingers crossed ;)
Glass / Re: ID needed for this Kosta Voda Vase
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 05:58:31 PM »
hope you manage to upload some pix.                 Designers at Kosta/Kosta Boda, post 1950, which will probably cover the date of your piece have been  ...

Vicke Lindstrand           (1950  -  73)     first letter of code is L
Ernest Gordon              (1953  -  55)
Mona Morales-Schildt    (1958  -  70)     code is usually SS
Anne  Warff                  (1964  -  78)
Goran Warff                 (1964  - 
Stig Lindberg                (1965  -

With much Scandi glass, the 'signature' on the glass is often not that of the actual designer, but mostly a factory employee signing on behalf of the designer.          The above might help you to decide to which of these your signature relates.

Welcome to the GMB.

Ref. 'Scandinavian Glass 1930 - 2000  ...  Smoke & Ice'   -    Lorenzo Vigier & Leslie Pina   -    2002.
Glass / Re: Zwiesel vase
« Last post by Olderisbetter on Today at 05:33:01 PM »
Thanks for your comment it does make sense, I was only looking for a guide price not a David Dickenson sale price  ;D
Glass / MOVED: Mdina Glass Identification Signature
« Last post by KevinH on Today at 05:13:57 PM »
Glass Events / MOVED: ID needed for this Kosta Voda Vase
« Last post by KevinH on Today at 05:10:15 PM »
Glass / Re: ID needed for this Kosta Voda Vase
« Last post by KevinH on Today at 05:10:02 PM »
Hi Kay813, welcome to the Board.

I have moved your post from "Events" to the general "Glass" forum where you can add pictures by using the "Attach" function (and the "more attachments" facility) at the bottom of the Post window.

You will not be able add the pics now to this initial post but you can add a "Reply" to your own thread and put up to 4 pics in there. If you need to add more pics, just make another Reply to your thread.

Each photo needs to be below 125Kb in file size. If you have trouble resizing your pics, please see:
TECHIE TIPS: Resizing images to fit the board
Malta Glass / Re: Opinion on Boffo and Rosenthal
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 04:47:51 PM »
The amethyst jug is a Boffo piece from Mdina, the Earthtones vase is probably MDG, check what the base looks like for confirmation - if it is polished completely flat, it will be Mdina, it it has shallow groves in it, it will be MDG.
Personally, I tend towards MDG, as it is a really good clear and defined shape, Mdina vases this shape tend to be lumpier.
The bullet bowl is not Rosenthal, which is a random pattern of blue trails over yellow, not this defined "three spirals" design.
I don't know how anybody could be sure that was made by Boffo and not one of the other good malkers there at that time.
We don't tend to discuss values here, they're very subjective, but those don't sound too bad.
You should buy what you like. You're the one who has to live with it afterwards. :)

In future, would you please make a seperate thread for each piece of glass that you post?
Also, do you own these images? If not, you cannot post them, unless you have specific permission from their owner, because of legal complications.
You can post a link to an auction that contains the images, that way, the owner of them is properly credited.
Malta Glass / Opinion on Boffo and Rosenthal
« Last post by MaltaGlass on Today at 04:21:27 PM »

I intend to start a collection of Mdina Glass and Boffo.

I was offered two pieces by Boffo Brown Jug and earth tones vase. These were offered to me at 95 keeping in mind that this includes shipping to Malta :-)

I was also offered a Rosenthal Mdina Glass for 50, do you think these are fair prices to pay ? 

Also if anyone has Boffo or Mdina glass available please let me know

Thanks everyone esp Della and Sue :-) 
Glass / Portmeirion Glass Vase - more information wanted if possible
« Last post by hashingbaby on Today at 03:24:14 PM »
Hi, I have this Portmeirion Glass vase made from sky blue and green glass, and circles cut into the sides. it still has the label saying Portmeirion, Made in China, so obviously fairly modern. I can find nothing out about these vases. Can anyone point me in the right direction. It is 14 cm high and 13cm diameter at wides point. Thanks
Scandinavian Glass / Re: Heavy cut glass Orrefors signed bowl
« Last post by kenzierose789 on Today at 01:53:01 PM »
Thank you very much for your guidance.  I will do my best!
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