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Glass / Bubbly Green Italian? Glass Trumpet Vase Applied Tadpoles
« Last post by Dingledodger on Today at 10:12:53 AM »

Does anyone have any instincts or certainty on the maker of this please?

Glass / Re: can anyone help me identify this old glass jug
« Last post by gazza64 on Today at 07:48:24 AM »
Thanks Anne,

Would you have an idea of age, and what it was used for, i'm presuming milk, but i maybe way off the mark as jugs are not my thing, would i be right in guessing it might be bohemian in style ?
Glass / Re: can anyone help me identify this old glass jug
« Last post by Anne on Today at 12:12:46 AM »
Hi Gary and welcome to the board. Jugs are notoriously tricky to pin down to a maker unless it's a design in a catalogue somewhere e.g. one of the pressed glass designs.  The decoration might give a clue though, let's see what other members think.
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: Vase szech unknown.
« Last post by Anne on Today at 12:01:19 AM »
Shown in the pre-1958 Libochovice catalogue as pattern #1346, also sometimes found with pattern #1459 lid to make a lidded jar.
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Barovier and Toso Lamp
« Last post by ardy on Yesterday at 08:25:11 PM »
I am not sure John but it suits it perfectly. I have a lot of problems trying to find lampshades that suit. There is a limited supply of interesting ones. I have 2 great (not matched) Archimede Seguso lamps but cannot find the right lampshade for them.

Lamps are cheap compared to vases and large bowls, so I have bought around 15 of them and shuffle them around as the mood takes me THis one, however, is in the perfect place in the foyer of my house.

Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: Vase szech unknown.
« Last post by BE21AV on Yesterday at 07:40:52 PM »
Mark is molded.
No molding lines  are visible.

Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Vase szech unknown.
« Last post by BE21AV on Yesterday at 05:19:55 PM »

I bought this beautiful vase, the vase is only marked with --szechoslovakia -. Can anyone tell more about this vase .... Year, type, .... ??
Height 16cm and diameter 18 cm.

many thanks
Glass / Re: Nazeing tumbler cloudy glass vase or other?
« Last post by Scott13 on Yesterday at 01:35:48 PM »

Unfortunately I haven’t got H’s book, but you can certainly feel the random bubbles on its inside
Hopefully you’ll be able to see the seeds/bubbles in the glass (base and body) - there are also quite
a few impurities visible ( minute black specks)
Its top is also slightly oval in shape and it has quite thick walls—not sure how relevant this is!
If it is a Nazeing piece, and that’s a big if, I suppose it could possibly be an early one!
Anyway, many thanks for your input— much appreciated.

Glass / Re: Flashed glass hand painted vase, Bohemian?
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 01:27:45 PM »
I would definitely hold onto it.
They aren't new and I think the enameling is different to anything I see on other items.

One day I'm sure we will find out where they were made and where they were enameled. 

And no - they are not practise pieces as far as I know.  I've seen one sold at auction and I also owned one (sold mine without knowing what it was - mistake)  all with the curious naive enamelling.

Glass / can anyone help me identify this old glass jug
« Last post by gazza64 on Yesterday at 01:02:34 PM »
Hello to all, good morning.
Can someone please help me out on this little glass jug of my mothers. i have dabbled in glass for quite a few years, but after searching the  internet i can't seem to get any further.
It is around 3 inches high, and weighs 107g, it looks pretty crude in design and is not lead crystal, but it is hand blown. The gold leaf is looking a bit tired and has mostly worn off on the bottom of the jug.
If anyone could throw any light on it's age, origin etc i would greatly appreciate it, as i seem to be going around in circles on the net.

Kindest regards
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