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I'm not so sure about the clever bit. A friend here is interested in some Uredale weights and she's been trying to educate me. This is the first time I've got an id in first and I wasn't terribly sure until I checked the site and I did think I saw a Y shape.
I think Christine's lessons and patience are finally paying off.  ;D
So, not clever, but I am chuffed with myself. ;D
Yes, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this. Very much appreciated. There is a wonky Y - I have been wondering what it was! Aren't you clever. Thanks again, Sally
British & Irish Glass / Re: Royal Brierley (Keith's pics from Jill Devine)
« Last post by keith on Today at 12:17:36 PM »
Bit more of Jill's work, no longer making glass but is now an interior designer.
Hallo, weet iemand de oorsrong? Ik vind niet direct een signatuur terug. Alvast bedankt!

Hi, anyone who knows the origin? No signature. Thank you!
Hi Christine,
Thanks for your reply - I take your point re surface decoration and lead crystal.
Considering its condition Iíd say itís modern.
Do you know if coloured art glass is still being sold under the RD brand name, or is it just tableware,
crystal etc now ?
Not saying this is RD, just being curious  :)

Royal Doulton is just a brand as far as glass is concerned, so actual origin could be anywhere. I doubt that surface finished glass is crystal, as there is no need for the sparkle that lead crystal or even lead-free crystal imparts. Victorian glass is often lead crystal whatever it is because that is just what they used, but this looks fairly modern

Do you think it might be Royal Doulton - just a wild guess, but it does have the colour indigo,
which RD appear to have sometimes used.
Iím also pretty sure the glass is crystal.
Donít know whether RD pieces have polished pontil marks though- Iíve been unable to find much
info on their Ď Art Glass Ď range - a few examples on Ďimages Ď online, but thatís about it.

Glass / Black glass vase with applied studs
« Last post by hdm50 on Yesterday at 10:56:16 PM »
I suspect this vase is Czech. It is unsigned with a polished bottom that shows wear. I am thinking 1950's. The studs are gold with an orange that shows through. I see one has been glued back on.
I think it looks like Uredale glass. :)
Is there a mark on the base that looks like a sort of wonky Y shape? (it is supposed to be a man with a blowpipe) the company logo.
It is illustrated at the top left hand side of their homepage.
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