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France / Re: Etling catalogue - is it out there?
« Last post by chilternhills on Today at 03:16:30 PM »
Going back to the original thread on Etling went quiet for the last year. But I have more news to report.

It appears there was more than one edition of Etling catalogue. Earlier in this thread it mentioned a date of 1930 and a copy in the hands of a German collector. I have now been informed of an American collector with a copy of an Etling catalogue dated 1926.

The great news is that the collector in America is considering republishing that copy. Watch this space...


BTW, the Etling Project site is steadily improving:

Glass / Re: Can anyone help me identify my piece of glass
« Last post by Anne Tique on Today at 02:49:08 PM »
It's VSL dating from the 60's, but not from the Luxval range, any label besides the 'Villencourt' label has been added by somebody else.

Glass / Big facet cut object,signed!
« Last post by lwerk on Today at 12:53:49 PM »
Hello,I still don`'t know who made this.
It's a big 40 cm high piece of citrin colored crystal.
Signed,with a name and1994.
Does anybody know anything about it!
It looks Czech.,but I'm not sure.
Kind regards Lisa
Glass / Crystal vase with bamboo decoration
« Last post by lwerk on Today at 12:43:02 PM »
Hello,does anybody know anything about this vase?
Very thick crystal with 2 sections of deep cut out bamboo.
Kind regards Lisa
Glass / Re: Can anyone help me identify my piece of glass
« Last post by lwerk on Today at 12:24:05 PM »
Val Saint Lambert
Glass / Re: Can anyone help me identify my piece of glass
« Last post by lwerk on Today at 12:23:29 PM »
I think it is Luxval by Val Sint Lambert,I have one with a Sticker!
Glass / Half and half round bottom tumbler?
« Last post by Ekimp on Today at 12:06:47 PM »
Hi, any ideas for this? Doesnít seem very practical for a tumbler or vase due to the small area of the flat part of the base, perhaps it should sit in some sort of holder or is it just for show?

The clear glass at the top seems like any other clear class, then it meets the coloured glass which is about twice as thick, you can feel the ridge on the outside and inside surfaces.

There are horizontal striations a few bubbles. There is only light wear, I assume it must be very modern? 120mm high, 75mm diameter, no pontil mark.
Glass / Re: Green vase with blue spots
« Last post by Della on Today at 09:46:51 AM »
Teign Valley used this colourway too, Tony and I can't remember the other studio  ???
Germany / Re: Mueller Ladies
« Last post by theElench on Today at 07:38:41 AM »
Would this be another version of these ladies?  I have it standing in a Schwieg -Muller bowl with a vertical leaf pattern.

While we are on the subject, could anyone please briefly explain to me why there seems to be such uncertainty about the company?  Three versions of their name and some sources seem to think that they were Czech rather than German.
Glass / Re: St Louis? Baccarat? Big cat trinket lid
« Last post by Penelope12 on Today at 07:27:34 AM »
Thatís interesting, I hadnít noticed the different base on the flint one. I have come across quite a few of these little beasts, but never seen one with that base before. Do you know how many different colours/variations there are, mine is blue rather than turquoise so that's another colour I'll be on the look out for.

I take it that you have a winged sphinx...yet to find one of the right price that is!
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