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Title: Newbie to this board.
Post by: westred on December 31, 2008, 06:24:48 PM
 :D  Just wanted to greet everybody here and share my love and passion for the hand blown, beautiful glass art known as Murano!
I have been collecting Murano glass, ever since I became disabled 2 1/2 years ago.  I fell in love with this Italian Art the first time
I actually picked up a piece at a local thrift store and took it home and found out that I had just purchased a piece of authentic
Murano Art Glass for about 1/50 of it's actual worth.  The beauty and craftsmanship of that piece, led me on the search for other
Murano pieces.  Having a type-A personality and being physically disabled, I needed a way to try and spend my time keeping my
short attention span entertained and busy!  That's what lead me to start shopping at local thrift stores and eventually local antique shops.

  Since then, I have purchased and sold different variety's of art glass on eBay.  I try and keep most of the Murano I find, unless I can make
a small fortune on it, and sell the other types of glass treasures that I find!  I have a pretty vast collection of art glass, most of it Murano,
that continually keeps growing.  My wife is growing weary of finding any space to show off my new finds!  If any of you have any ideas I
can throw her way, and stay out of the dog house, let me in on them.

  I really enjoy collecting paperweights and have recently been focusing on acquiring Murano paperweights at a bargain price, if possible.
I have purchased and read over 40 books and annuals about Art Glass and paperweights, since starting this journey.  Once you start
collecting, you realize how many fakes and imposter's are out there!  Everybody loves to copy a winner!  And I see a LOT of copied Murano!
Especially Chinese and European wannabes.

  I am sure I will find a lot of great information here, from what I have perused so far.  I hope I can also be an assistance to anybody, although
 my experience is limited so far.

  So, Howdy to all the Murano and Art Glass lovers here!  I hope to post again soon!

  In fact, I just found a piece which I believe to be Murano, which is very neat!  I will post and share a picture of it soon, to see if I
am correct in my assumption!

  Until then,
  westred   :ghug:  :fwr:

Title: Re: Newbie to this board.
Post by: Missc on December 31, 2008, 08:56:11 PM
Hi to you also. I am a newbie too. Hope the great people here can help you as they have helped me so much! Happy New Year!
Lisa (Miss C)