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Glass / Re: Need some help . . .
« Last post by BGB1983 on Today at 03:16:44 PM »
Wow, thank you so much for your quick response. I will find some other pictures that might be able to help identify and pop them up soon.

Also, I have no problems with what ever needs to be done to keep things official on your guys forum (don't want to come in and make a bad impression!).

I will follow the link provided and pop up the up scaled images on the new threads once it has been split up.

Thanks again,

Looks like I may be on the right track. I just found this web page:

The vase on the left hand side looks similar, though smaller.
Glass / Re: Need some help . . .
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 03:07:20 PM »
Hi and welcome.
I can't really tell too much from your images. They appear to be mould blown and have machine heat-finshed rims, so they're probably from some mass production range.
Good, clear images of the base would help.
We do have techie help and info here to help you with resizing images to blow-up.,34093.0.html

I will have to ask a moderator to split your thread into two different ones, I hope you don't mind. We like a whole thread for every single bit of glass, it keeps the information we get straight and organised for our records and archives.

I'm sure we've had several threads from us here in the past, identifying glass we see on tv.
I certainly recognise lots from old episodes of star trek.
And I'm positive I saw a Mdina Fish vase on an american show last week.
Graham Norton has some Rihimaki and possibly a Cascade-licensed rather than original Gulvase behind him, and there used to be a lot of tangerine textured whitefriars on some cooking show.
From the museum web site:

The exhibition "Today and Tomorrow" presents the creations of 70 artists and designers to reflect a moment of glass in France. It brings together emerging creators with a multitude of expressions: from the design and decorative object to video / performance through sculpture and digital uses ... An exploration of the material that seems to have no limit, like an echo of the Studio Glass movement, which have develop the use of glass in art.

Further information:
My most exciting B&T find was a damaged wall pocket.
And I can assure you, I was really, really, really excited! ;D
Glass / Need some help . . .
« Last post by BGB1983 on Today at 01:53:55 PM »

I am brand new to this forum, but you might be able to help with your fantastic knowledge of all things glass.

I am a prop collector and glassware is a big part of what I enjoy collecting from films. There are several pieces which I have already been able to hunt down but there have been a couple which not only myself, but a vast majority of others from other forums I have joined, have tried (and failed) to identify.

I have attached the images of each of the items I am trying to identify. There have been many musings on where and what type of glass they are. Simple rocks glass, lead crystal, hungarian crystal, the search and list of ideas goes on.

So if anyone has any idea what these glasses may be, who produces them, or even any leads to follow, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you in advance for any information

Hi Sue
Yes that’s the one, any colour would do, there are few references about them so I don’t know what Other colours there maybe. We have some similar references from “marking times” the same as your link.
Thanks very much

I got curious about what I ought to be looking for.  :)
I found this.
Is it the ostrich on the thick base? You need to scroll down a little to find it.
Any particular colour?

I'll keep my eyes open. If i had ever found one, I would not have ignored it. :)
I haven't ever seen one.
Glass / Re: German Glass - Roemer Style but Label Doesn't Match
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 09:12:46 AM »
for obvious reasons tourist glass travels the most - hence why such pieces predominate in places far from their origin, although all glass travels to some extent.             I doubt this one was ever made to be used - just a memento of someone's holiday, but it's attractive.
Roemers make for a good collecting theme, the problem being that those from the C15 and C16 tend to cost an arm and a leg. ;D
Traditionally, the coiled stems were decorated with raspberry prunts (slightly flattened copies of the raspberry fruit), and the origin of the word may possibly be from the Lower Rhenish word 'roemen', which apparently means to boast, and seems the spelling is sometimes rӧmer, but no idea why the two spellings.
Glass / Re: German Glass - Roemer Style but Label Doesn't Match
« Last post by justjeff on Yesterday at 10:41:52 PM »
Just wanted to say thank you for the replies. I have to admit I thought "Roemer" was the manufacturer and not the style so that was helpful. I guess it makes sense but everything I seem to be finding from overseas leans "tourist-ware". I'll pursue the "Kunze" path a little ways to see if anything pops up but right now it sounds like this is simply a common German roemer glass with the village/town's name on it.
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