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Royal Doulton is just a brand as far as glass is concerned, so actual origin could be anywhere. I doubt that surface finished glass is crystal, as there is no need for the sparkle that lead crystal or even lead-free crystal imparts. Victorian glass is often lead crystal whatever it is because that is just what they used, but this looks fairly modern

Do you think it might be Royal Doulton - just a wild guess, but it does have the colour indigo,
which RD appear to have sometimes used.
Iím also pretty sure the glass is crystal.
Donít know whether RD pieces have polished pontil marks though- Iíve been unable to find much
info on their Ď Art Glass Ď range - a few examples on Ďimages Ď online, but thatís about it.

Glass / Black glass vase with applied studs
« Last post by hdm50 on Yesterday at 10:56:16 PM »
I suspect this vase is Czech. It is unsigned with a polished bottom that shows wear. I am thinking 1950's. The studs are gold with an orange that shows through. I see one has been glued back on.
I think it looks like Uredale glass. :)
Is there a mark on the base that looks like a sort of wonky Y shape? (it is supposed to be a man with a blowpipe) the company logo.
It is illustrated at the top left hand side of their homepage.
Thank you, Sue!   I also think it's quite, quite wonderful  ;D
 :) Your little vase is quite, quite wonderful. I don't know enough to be able to tell different Czech makers and styles from each other really, but my first impression was of something strongly related to the Roubieck's slightly fantastical works.  8)
Can anyone help identify this gorgeous paperweight?

Diameter 8 cm, height 6.5 cm, quite heavy at 560g.

It looks like marbled paper with the swirl of pastel teal, pink and white. The pontil is distinctive, but cannot see any maker's marks.
Glass / Vase with blue and green splashes - help with its identity please.
« Last post by Scott13 on Yesterday at 05:54:51 AM »

Any thoughts?

It could be lead/crystal glass. If tapped it emits a Ď ping Ď.

Its inside has a bit of water staining.

Some base wear - not that much though.

Pontil mark ( concave ) has been polished.

Its outside surface feels very slightly rough.

Ht 21cm ( just over 8Ē )
Wt about 500gm

Any help in identifying it appreciated - Iíve arrived at a dead end !
Thanks for looking  :)

Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Murano Glass Firgurine
« Last post by BDG55 on Yesterday at 12:12:00 AM »
I was leaning towards Salviati, who made similar figures from the waist down, until I saw Ardy's example from Pena's book. I too would lean towards Seguso as there are several similarities which points to the two pieces being made by the same artist; the shapes are basically the same, the belts are very similar with both having the same bauble-like design, the cuffs on the arms, the gently bowed out skirt and the crystal cased inner core - yours green and the other pink. I wouldn't concern myself so much with the color as peasant pieces such as yours are not necessarily color specific.   

I don't know if you have access to Pena's book, so here's a photo of the page for you to compare the two.
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