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Title: Mdina or not?
Post by: David555 on September 15, 2006, 11:42:29 AM
Hi all

Been away for a month or so now - work commitments have taken me abroad, I have just come back from Rhodes.

I bought some lovely 1990s Murano that had been getting dusty at the back of some of the 1000s of gift shops in Rhodes and Cos - lot of trash but I picked up a few pieces over the tourist stuff.

However, that is not why I am posting - in Rhodes old town I picked up two Maltese paperweights.

Medium size with spidery yellow trailing to centre and lots of bubbles creating a lovely matrix, all doused in blue opalescence. Nicely made but with some lovely dimples to surface and a slightly unevenly ground base.

I think they are Mdina but can  get a label check - what date was this label used




Adam P
Title: Mdina or not?
Post by: MarkHill on September 18, 2006, 03:10:07 PM
Hi there,
Yup, that's a Mdina piece for sure. It's a 'crizzle' paperweight, dating from the 1970s, probably the earlier part. You can read about how it is made in my new book ;-)
The number on the label on the base relates to either the model number OR the specific order number for the client, that client's order or country of destination. These labels were used from c1970 onwards, but tended to be applied to pieces from the 1970s. Or maybe all the examples from the 1980s (until the plastic labels were introduced in the 90s) were washed off....!
Hope this helps, it's a nice one!
Title: Mdina or not?
Post by: David555 on September 21, 2006, 08:26:25 PM
Thanks Mark

I never got back sooner as aol has decided to spam GMB notification (grrrr).

I have not bought your book yet but it is on order - along with fat lava.

I should show you some bits in the cafe forum - I have been collecting for years - the more encrusted the better, although I have some lovely smooth/lava combinations.

Thanks as ever

Adam P