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Title: Pirelli lampwork - 3 colour eyes
Post by: Frank on January 11, 2007, 05:29:07 PM
Do any other makers use the three coloured eye that is often found in Pirelli lampwork?

Typical Pirelli eye ( And this one? (

Note that the one on the right has a poorly placed pupil. Every labelled example I can see has a well centred one, mostly constructed as a layer of white, a layer of colour (iris) and a black (dark) pupil. I have seen unlabelled ones where the colour is behind clear glass with the iris on top - second example above.

Were Pirelli the only ones to use 3 coloured eyes? If not who else did... any labelled examples. It is just possible that Pirelli ones vary because of the worker involved and of course some 30+ years of production.

I do have at least one Pirelli with the iris on top of clear but it is very well centred.

B.B. Not all Pirelli has 3 coloured eyes. Plenty of 1 or 2 coloured eyes too.