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Thanks Roy,
yes dads got some in that colour, I shall take a photo at the next opportunity of his other colours not seen any other pieces in this colour or pattern apart from these baskets.
Yours seems to have more white than ours.
Cheers Mike
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Murano Glass Lamps....I Think?
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Today at 08:10:06 PM »
Aventurine is usually copper. Gold is incorrectly referred to as aventurine sometimes
Glass / Re: Victorian opal white sugar and creamer with cow pattern
« Last post by marie anne on Today at 04:09:30 PM »
I don't know if they've been identified before.  Just found them in "Milk Glass" published in 1995 by Betty & Bill Newbound page 127.  It says "Very unusual and hard to find set. Consesus of opinion is English manufacture".  No sure how helpful that is!
Glass / Re: Pressed glass bowl - small flower feet, Czech??
« Last post by marie anne on Today at 03:59:32 PM »
Gentle bump. Any ideas anyone?!  I don't mind if you send me on a wild goose chase - I'm happy to spend time pouring over glass books, and frequently do  :)  I've exhausted my initial ideas on this one and would love to hear other thoughts on this bowl.
Hi Mike

They also made the basket in a caramel colour. I have also had a lidded butter and tazza in the same pattern.
Regards Roy
Glass / Re: Victorian (?) Crimped Glass Vase
« Last post by keith on Today at 03:31:34 PM »
Sorry I didn't get back to you, the shape is quite common across the glass world, Bohemia, America & the UK it's just the finish and pontil mark that rules out the UK for me, most UK pieces have a polished pontil mark, remember this is not a set in stone and I may be barking up the wrong tree, when I started collecting I thought all this type of glassware came from the Stourbridge region. As for books there are a few, 'Victorian Decorative Glass' by Gulliver and Charles Hajdamach's  'British Glass 1800-1914 are probably the best. here's one of my unknowns...
Murano & Italy Glass / Murano Glass Lamps....I Think?
« Last post by Patti3435 on Today at 02:22:41 PM »
Picked up these beautiful glass lamps yesterday at the thrift store for $45.00. I believe these are Murano? I originally thought aventurine, but the flecks are more copper colored. Is that still aventurine or is it referred to as something else? Can they be attributed to a certain artist? What about appro age? Thanks for any help or input! Always much appreciated! 
Glass / MOVED: Art Nouveau Vase? Help With ID Please
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 09:39:13 PM »
They come in various different heights and colours - I had one like yours but in orange recently. They are contemporary and made in China, I found them for sale on the internet at the time but can not find them now, sorry.

Pretty good quality I thought but they are not finished quite as tidily as say a cased Holmegaard Gulvase.

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