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Title: Glass is Life - Per Lutken
Post by: Pip on May 09, 2007, 06:42:16 PM
Glass is Life - at long blimmin' last!

Every time I've tried to buy one in the past on eBay I've been outbid at the last minute or I've been a bit broke and couldn't afford it - today however I finally got a copy  ;D Halleluya!
Title: Re: One is the proud new owner of ....
Post by: Pinkspoons on May 09, 2007, 08:13:46 PM
In which case... prepare to squint. A lot.  ;D

The first half of the book is very pretty, but mostly useless - frustratingly filled with really bad poetry where there should be technical information. And the second half requires a magnifying glass. It's not really a general collector's/dealer's book - even I've only found it useful a handful of times for production numbers and exhibition names.

Dansk Glas: 1925 - 1985 and Glashåndværk i Danmark have been much more worthwhile investments in terms of basic date/designer information.
Title: Re: Glass is Life - Per Lutken
Post by: Pinkspoons on October 17, 2008, 05:08:52 PM
Addendum to original comments:

As I start to collect increasingly rare and unusual Lütken pieces, I'm finding this book progressively more useful. Many 'unika' items are signed with Lütken's own four-digit numbering system, and this book sorts all the designs by said system, so it has been invaluable for attributing many dates of design over the last year and a bit.

It's still mostly useless to the general collector/dealer, though. I stand by that comment.  ;D