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Title: Need I.D. Help Blue Opaque MG
Post by: bluebird on April 24, 2007, 04:45:49 AM
Can anyone help??  I've tried desperately to find out more about this Childs Punch Bowl Set.  According to Newbounds 2005 Price Guide (pictured pg 45) it was featured in Butler Bros 1910 catalog, stating it came in Milk Glass and crystal.  They call the pattern "Wild Rose".  I don't know if Butler Bros used that name in catalog, or if Newbounds determined it was.  Other Wild Rose patterns I've seen show leaves cropped very close to the flower, closer than the ones on my punch bowl.
My mother knows that it was her mothers OR my great grandma's.  1910 would have been correct time frame for my g'ma to have received it.  late 1890's would have been right time frame for my Great G'ma to have received it.  Newbound's book also doesn't show or mention 6 iron (copper??) hooks that are w/my set.  Wouldn't they have stated this in their book if Butler Bros catalog showed them??  And they don't say it came in BLUE MG, if that was all the rage, wouldn't Butler Bros/Newbounds have mentioned that??  The inside is perfectly smooth (no indentations).  Bottom inside and out is also perfectly smooth (polished pontil?)  I've seen a couple of very similar patterns on turn of the century items, but never identical. 
Some have suggested Greentown, but a guy from Greentown website says no Greentown items made in blue milk glass.  Others have suggested Northwood.  Both g'mas lived in Dayton, OH as kids. I wonder if the 1910 Butler Bros item may have been a remake of an earlier version ie. late 1890's?  Oh, ANY info would be so appreciated!  Thanks in advance to anyone who may respond
Title: Re: Need I.D. Help Blue Opaque MG
Post by: Lustrousstone on April 24, 2007, 06:49:05 AM
Hi welcome to the board. We'd love to try and help but we get on much better with a picture or two (or more). Click here (,6522.0.html) for help on posting pictures
Title: Re: Need I.D. Help Blue Opaque MG
Post by: Sid on April 24, 2007, 04:56:07 PM

As mentioned previously, a picture would be very helpful so we can be sure that we are talking about the same pattern. 

Is it this one?

This Wild Rose pattern does come in a opaque white glass that has a bluish tint.  When I get home, I will check my reference books but off the top of my head I don't recall that any authors have reported a true blue opaque glass in this line.

My wife has two sets that we obtained with hooks but in both cases they were not original, the previous owner had made the hooks.

I will post another response tonight with more details.
Title: Re: Need I.D. Help Blue Opaque MG
Post by: Lustrousstone on April 24, 2007, 07:01:01 PM
Here is the picture
Title: Re: Need I.D. Help Blue Opaque MG
Post by: Sid on April 25, 2007, 12:32:36 AM

The pattern is Wild Rose.  Maker unknown as of this time.  It is definitely not opaque blue!  As mentioned in my previous post, this is milk glass with a bit of a blue tint to it as is often seen in this pattern.

It is shown in a Butler Bros. assortment with the matching table set - creamer, sugar, spoonholder and butter dish and the Monk Tankard stein set.  The punch set is not shown with hooks nor does the ad text mention them. The ad only talks about opal and does not mention crystal.  As far as I know, only the punch set is available in crystal and it is very hard to find. Reference Lechler in Toy Glass p 230. In a previous book, she mentions a 1910 Butler Bros. ad but does not show it.

My guess as to date of production would be pretty close to 1910 based on the timing of the advertisement.