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Title: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: Mike Morgan on May 31, 2008, 10:11:51 PM
Met a gentleman who inherited a box of weights and invited me to come over and pick out any I'd like to purchase. There were about 30 weights, about half were cheper modern weights. He decided to keep a couple for himself and, of course, he had good taste and picked two Scottish-looking concentrics with star-cut bases. Isn't that a Ysart feature?

Annnnnyway, I bought 7...

Two were very similar 1978 Bridgeton Studios weights, FS-129 by Buzzini (presumed Chris) and B-353 by "Ziegler~Phelps". Anyone know if the latter is two people or one person, hyphenated?

And the five in these photos.

The group of three I know are Perthshire. Can someone with the Perthshire book clue me in on the model numbers? Both of the radials are roughly 2½" in diameter, have translucent/transparent purple grounds, and the "P" cane in the outermost ring is "orangish-red" on one, and "bluish-red" on the other, if that helps. The 8-spoke is 1-2-3 with a single outer ring. The 6-spoke pie is 1-2-3-4 with two outer rings.

The next two, I think, might be Muranos. The scramble I don't really have ony additional comment on. The "regular" millefiori is on a translucent green ground. On closer look, you'll see the flowers on the latter are arranged in pie wedges. There is a small bubble at both the point end and base end between each wedge. I can't find any signature canes in either of these two. Any opinions?

A why was it a *very* good day? I got them... all 7 of them... for US$150!

Title: Re: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: Frank on May 31, 2008, 10:32:13 PM
Did you check here:

Not complete yet...  ::)
Title: Re: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: Mike Morgan on May 31, 2008, 11:01:02 PM
Good looking site, Frank. The weights that the guy wasn't selling looked a lot like the PP4 with the pink, blue and yellow you pictured, with cut stars in the bases. I'd have snatched them up, too, if they were available.
Title: Re: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: tropdevin on June 01, 2008, 05:00:32 AM

I think the second image is Chinese, and the third is Murano - both $10 to $20 weights typically.

Title: Re: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: Mike Morgan on June 01, 2008, 01:42:46 PM
Thanks, Alan. I had a feeling the colors in the scramble were a little Chinese-y. But there was just some vague feeling that kept telling me to buy it.

I'd seen weights like that in the third picture online several times. That is, of course, until yesterday when I went looking for one! Suddenly, I couldn't find any, anywhere.

I had initially gone to look at this guy's paperweights with the idea of picking up some to resell, but I really like the Perthshire weights. They're much smaller (particularly the individual canes) than I was expecting, though. My other weights are all modern, non-millefiori types, which seem to run around the 3-3½" size. Since there is rarely an item for size comparison in the photos online and in books, and the videos online are all of folks making the same types of weights I already had, I guess I was expecting the millefiori weights to be of similar size, with penciltip-eraser-sized canes. What a difference an inch of diameter makes!

Even if the last two are at the low end and only $10 each, that'd mean I got the 3 Perthshires and the 2 Bridgeton Studio (Buzzini and Ziegler-Phelps) for $26 each -- still a good deal it seems, but I can imagine how this can quickly become an expensive hobby!
Title: Re: A *Very* Good Day
Post by: KevinH on June 01, 2008, 07:10:52 PM
... two Scottish-looking concentrics with star-cut bases. Isn't that a Ysart feature?
No. None of the Ysart men used star-cuts for the base of weights (to the best of my knowledge). But Perthshire Paperweights did .. on lots of designs.