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Title: ID for moulded lamp base - probably Stolle Nieman
Post by: thomasandkatherine on August 19, 2009, 12:45:12 AM
This is a second effort to post this query, I apologise if the first actually made it on to the Board.

Hello, I am fairly confident that the glass boffins out there will be able to give me an ID on this moulded glass lamp base.  It is an attractive and large piece which stands around 22cm tall to the top of the glass neck.  It has 4 visible mould lines and is not marked.  It is fitted with an old bakelite double bayonette fitting.  This means that when fired up, the lamp is lit from within by a small bulb and also a bulb on the top as normal.  I have owned a couple of these bases but this is the first with the fittings in place.  I believe that it may be French or Belgian, but would appreciate some info on the maker and also the country and date range of manufacture. Many thanks
Title: Re: ID for French? moulded lamp base please
Post by: malwodyn on August 19, 2009, 01:32:50 PM
One would normally expect a French lamp base to have an Edison screw fitting rather than a bayonet cap - though if it was made for the export market, a bayonet cap might have been used. 

However, I've seen similar glass produced by Jobling in the UK.....
Title: Re: ID for French? moulded lamp base please
Post by: Lustrousstone on August 19, 2009, 02:12:51 PM
Fittings would likely have been attached post import by the wholesaler. Vases similar to these were made by several companies. I know we have talked about them here before. A search on Scailmont might be helpful, although may be others
Title: Re: ID for French? moulded lamp base please
Post by: Mosquito on August 19, 2009, 04:23:40 PM
This pattern has been discussed before I think, certainly it's been featured in Pressglas-korrespondenz. The design of the lampbase is very similar to a pattern by Charles Catteau for Scailmont. However, the pattern has been copied, notably by Stolle Niemen, Poland. I think your lampbase is likely to be Niemen production.

Title: Re: ID for French? moulded lamp base please (POLISH!)
Post by: thomasandkatherine on August 20, 2009, 12:22:13 AM
Many thanks for the information.  The details provided lead me off on a voyage of discovery on the web and I see that this is in all likelihood a Nieman model "inspired" by the Belgian.  It doesn't look like the later copies/fakes because the neck is entirely different from those I saw on earlier Glass Board threads.  I attach an excerpt taken from an article I found on the web which gave a biog on one of the designers in the Nieman factory between the wars.

"We also come across sporadic examples which are clear copies. A vase, produced in a few different colors, and very cheap in a relative sense - at only 1.40 zl. it sold very well - was produced according to a model by Charles Cotteau from the years 1927-1930, and removing the original relief signature of the Belgian company Scailmout Ltd."

Thanks again for all the assistance.