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Title: is it Stennett Willson?
Post by: jakgene on June 24, 2010, 02:40:47 AM
When I bought this it was described as Kings Lynn, Ronald Stennett-Willson designed knop stemmed footed bowl. Now a while later and having bought a number of other RSW items I am wondering if it is - not so much because of the design , but the colour? Whilst the design is very reminiscent of the Sheringham and Brancaster candlestick ranges, the colour seems very unusual for him. I would say almost certainly not a Wedgwood colour - but I don't know enough about the King's Lynn ranges - I only have one other piece of Kings Lynn and that is clear glass - so no help to me .  Does anyone know whether this could be from a Kings Lynn range ? or if not where it may be from?

 it is 9 cm  (just over3.5 inch ) high, bowl is 10.5 cm (just over 4  inches) wide, foot is 8.5 cm (just under 3.5 inches) across. (The Kingfisher colour is almost exactly the same as that of a Whitefriars jug I have - not suggesting it is Whitefriars - just to clarify the colour  ;D)

Thanks, JAK , West Oz.   :)