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Title: Webb Corbett Stourbridge water set - Irene Stevens
Post by: Anne E.B. on June 10, 2011, 09:38:50 PM

Just sharing this very sparkly beautifully designed Webb Corbett water set (marked with an S for Stourbridge) and designed by Irene Stevens.   The jug and glass are shown on p.73  in "GLASS TWENTIETH-CENTURY DESIGN" Frederick Cooke 1986. along with a matching bowl.  The caption states that it was designed "by Irene Stevens during rationing and not marketed until 1953."  Unfortunately it isn't referred to in the main text and there is no mention of the pattern name with its vertical cuts and roundels.  Does anyone know its name?  I've checked replacement websites but it doesn't appear to be featured anywhere.  I'm afraid my images are not too good.  Cut glass is a  >:D to photograph.