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Title: 'Edwardian' ?? Tumble-up
Post by: Leni on February 09, 2006, 12:55:08 PM
I just bought this hand-painted tumble-up for my guest bedroom. It claims to be Edwardian.  Anyone know if that's likely?  And where it might be from?
(No point in showing the base - it's just standard bottle style concentric circles)
It  has some water damage - as you might expect with this shape - it's very difficult to dry the inside!    :shock:  :roll:  But it is quite an interesting shape  :D

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Title: 'Edwardian' ?? Tumble-up
Post by: Anne E.B. on February 09, 2006, 05:24:36 PM
That's really pretty Leni :P  

I usually roll up a long piece of newspaper tightly, and insert it into awkward shape glass and leave it for a day or so.  It absorbs all of the moisture/condensation.  I use good quality kitchen roll in the same way if it is to hold drinks.  This absorbs much more quickly and I just turn the end around each time it becomes damp. :P