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Title: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: Paul S. on February 10, 2012, 08:14:26 PM
Only when I was searching for images of pieces from this factory did I come to realize there weren't any available (at least not in my books).     Thompson (Supplement only) and Hajdamach give only the briefest mention of the company name and, for obvious reasons, Sheilagh Murray omits them entirely - Slack likewise  -  although it's true, however, that Thompson and Slack include the name of Ed. Bolton in their lists of Registration Nos.         Fortunately, Lattimore provides a page of interesting information, and although only brief, is well worth reading, and it seems that working in the little known outpost of Warrington was a drawback, even then ;)           However, although Lattimore makes interesting reading (pp. 110 and 111), it's possible this author is a little low on the number of Registrations which he credits to Ed. Bolton (when compared to Slack), namely only three  -  Oct. 1867  -  April 1871  -  and Oct. 1874.                For a start there is this example, which I'd say was a biscuit barrel (minus its lid), and in total I'd say there were at least eight between about 1860 and 1890.   The lozenge for this piece reads 15th January 1870 - parcel No. 10  -  and thought I'd post this picture since it's the only image I've access to.          Of course there may be other publications that I'm unaware of which do include images of Ed. Bolton glass, and I'd like to know if that is the case.     As you can see, when I found it earlier in the week it looked as though it had spent the last hundred years standing in for a jardiniere, but has cleaned up well.               Feel free to comment if you wish, and thanks for looking.
Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: agincourt17 on June 21, 2012, 07:33:18 PM
You'll find an image of a comport in this pattern on Anne's RD database gallery at
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and there's a spectacular uranium glass Edward Bolton boat flower tough RD 39414 (11 December 1885) currently on eBay at

Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: Paul S. on June 21, 2012, 08:38:59 PM
sorry, but I really can't see the connection (as regards the pattern, I mean).        I'm unsure whether the two separate Rd. Nos. refer to the shapes, or patterns  -  possibly the shapes I think.    I'm usueless at finding my way around the GMB data sites  -  must try harder. ;)

With regard to the boat flower trough, I do have the same size example, in clear, which appears to be from a crisp pressing - and I'd forgotten that this is the piece which carries the words GRACE.DARLING (why the stop I don't know, unless it's to indicate the fact there are two words).
The name is higher than the Rd. No. (as you can see in the pic.) - and the odd thing about these words/figures is that whilst they are all in relief on the inside of the boat  -  the name can only be read correctly from the outside, whilst the Rd. No.  is seen properly only from the inside.
I'd give my eye teeth (if I had them) for this uranium example  -  but what surprised me was the shade of green  -  I was expecting to see a more oily yellow colour.
I might suggest though, that in view of the seller's comments about the feintness of the Rd. No. - and (obviously) the lack of the name, then do you think this green pressing was made many years later from a very worn mould?

However, thanks for taking the time and trouble to include the links. :)
Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: Anne on June 21, 2012, 09:57:34 PM
Paul, that was cos you were viewing the wrong image. :) The dynamic link which Fred posted was taking you to a different item as the dynamic links in the address bar vary depending on the sort options chosen for each album. I've amended the link above now to show the fixed link for that image. :)  (The link which always takes you to the right place is the one below the image in the File Info section.)
Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: neilh on June 21, 2012, 10:42:00 PM
Here's a photo of a plate by Ed Bolton dating to 1870, reg 238431

Paul, email me if you want to see the original design sketches for 294693 (Bolton tumbler) and 294694 (Bolton goblet) which I must have taken when I was at the archives a few years back - forgot I even had them!
Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: agincourt17 on June 22, 2012, 08:46:27 AM
There's a photo of a biscuit barrel (RD 238145) with a matching lid that bears a separate diamond registration mark for 28 January 1870 (Parcel 6) giving RD238431, at,%20Lancashire
Title: Re: Ed. Bolton Rd. No. 238145
Post by: Paul S. on June 22, 2012, 06:24:24 PM
thanks Anne, and apologies to Fred for the misunderstanding  -  it's me being computer illiterate again :-[

Had my biscuit barrel been complete, then no doubt I also would have seen the two Rd. Nos.               In view of Neil's picture of the plate which carries No. 238431 - which corresponds to the No. on the lid of Nicola's biscuit barrel  -  then it seems almost certain that this is the No. which is registering the pattern, and the No. on the body of the barrel I am assuming registers the shape only.   I think it's an attractive pattern  -  I doubt that I'll ever see a lid on its own, unfortunately.

Neil, thanks indeed and would very much like to take you up on your offer of the original design sketches for the tumbler and goblet - when you have the time.   

thanks to all again for looking into this, and for the images and links. :)                 Shame we don't have Nicola as a member.