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Title: Bowl, ashtrays, ?
Post by: pthrelfall on April 25, 2006, 09:20:56 PM
I have just obtained these glass items at auction and can't identify them. any help?

Large bowl heart shaped 24 centimeters long ruby and amber coloured glass 1.25 kilogrames in weight 10 centimeters high,

Red dish / ashtray?, 18 centimeters across 870 grams in weight.

Thanks for all help

Title: photo's sorted????
Post by: pthrelfall on April 25, 2006, 11:25:44 PM

I think I've sorted the pics........

This is another ashtray I obtained, W/F Murano? 7 inches across with ground flat pontil

Another one , heart shaped , controlled bubbles, Whitefriars I think 7 inches across.

Title: Bowl, ashtrays, ?
Post by: paradisetrader on April 26, 2006, 08:06:25 AM
These are all generic Murano
Generic = unidentifiable as to specific maker as so many companies there made items in very similar styles.

I don't expect to see these now cropping up on Is It Whitefriars as you did previously. If you don't believe the ID then question it instead of wasting your own and other people's time posting in multiple forums. If there is any chance that somethiung may be Whitefriars we will tell you !!!

A thank you would be nice too.  

Moving to Murano board.
Title: murano
Post by: pthrelfall on April 26, 2006, 01:59:52 PM
Thanks for the help, I didn't think these bowls were W/F I just needed confirmation that they were Venetian / Murano, I do use the catalogues at W/F for possible W/F glass that I may have, but as they are in black and white it is not always easy, also when I get informed that an item is possibly in the 1970 catalogue, where would I find that? I am still a beginer where glass is concerned, but, I am learning fast, I have bought over 300 items in the last 3 weeks and only needed help on a dozen or so. Once again Thanks for all the help, from everyone who posted.


Title: Bowl, ashtrays, ?
Post by: Max on April 27, 2006, 10:12:42 PM
Paul said:
I am still a beginer where glass is concerned...I have bought over 300 items in the last 3 weeks.

Paul...sloooow doooown!  

It takes years to learn about glass, the same as any subject.  I've had an interest in glass for about 10 years and still consider myself a beginner...  :roll:  

What are you doing buying 300 pieces in 3 weeks?  Are you setting up a glass shop or preparing for a glass shortage?  :shock:
Title: Bowl, ashtrays, ?
Post by: pthrelfall on April 27, 2006, 10:52:41 PM
hi Max

I normally buy Antique ceramics at general auctions, then sort them and place them in specialist and Catalogue auctions, a few smaller items I put on ebay,

I collect Italian Drioli bottles and Egg cups myself and my wife has a few Waterford crystal items ( 70 or so)

    3 weeks ago I was at auction and there was hardly anyone there, Grand National Day, I wasn't having much luck with ceramics a dealer was taking it all, so I had a look at some glass from a house clearance, it seems the deceased owner liked glass so I thought this looks nice and took a lot of it on maiden bids, a losing bidder said there was Whitefriars amongst it, I sorted it out and decided there and then that I would keep some and start a collection, I didn't know what I was looking at so I googled Whitefriars, and got the Powell glass website, I listed some, got some help but was told to find out for myself, so then I followed the link to here. I have about a dozen books now and I'm learning, I went to a few car boot fairs and bought a lot more glass for next to nothing and am trying to sort it now. one lot I bought was a tray of Swans 2 w/f and 3 others £8, I sold the 2 w/f Swans on ebay for £26 and £10 one silver one golden amber, I will be keeping the Vases and Bowls I have except for duplicates,

I have about 40 Paperweights at the moment and am going to pick up some more that I saw. I think one is a Paul Ysart, with butterflies this I am getting for about £20, I will be selling all the paperweights some on ebay and some at specialist auctions.

It seems I will be kept busy now as I may give up Ceramics to concentrate on Glass