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Title: Bohemian? painted ashtrays
Post by: ju1i3 on March 16, 2017, 07:12:21 AM
Googling, these seem to be Bohemian? Any ideas on decades they were produced? The blue one is a wonderful purple/blue cobalt blue and heavy! The orange one is 240g and the blue one 324g. They both have polished pontil marks. In some ways, high quality items, in others outdated and cheap IMHO. Like tobacco jars, which I've been using as flowerpots, surplus to today's requirements.

BTW the orange one I got with a lot with a vase, the blue one, 99p.
Title: Re: Bohemian? painted ashtrays
Post by: Niya on April 07, 2017, 12:51:21 PM
Hi Julie,

they do seem to be Bohemian and the flowers on yours look remarkably similar to the flower on my tiny glass here.
This glass - and its 5 brothers - have been in my family at least since the 80ies, possibly as early as the 70ies, but I have to ask my grandma if she remembers when and how she got them.

Title: Oups...
Post by: Niya on April 07, 2017, 07:16:37 PM
Funny thing,

I was just trawling the internet (ebay) a while ago and it suggested I take a look at some murano glasses from the 60ties very similar to the one I uploaded this afternoon. However, the suggested set had a Murano label, so I got curious and googled "Murano enamelled ashtray"... and got a number of images which look remarkably like your ashtrays/flower pots ;D

Then I got really curious and called my grandma and she does not actually remember where my glass set came from, as it was a present.
But just when I thought that I might have cracked the mystery of the origin of your items,  I thought of googling "Bohemia enamelled ashtray"... and - whatdoyouknow - got another a lot of images that also look like your ashtrays :-[

So now I have to confess that I'm quite confused as to whether the province of your items is Murano or Bohemia ???

Sorry for not being more helpful :-\