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Title: Mathew Turnbull bowl for sale
Post by: glass777 on April 20, 2017, 06:02:52 PM
Mathew Turnbull bowl for sale
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Details Below:

RARE 1893 Sugar/Open Salt Bowl Mathew Turnbull Ltd (Hallmark Rd No 219638)

RARE 1893 Sugar Bowl / Open Salt Bowl
by Mathew Turnbull Ltd

Hall marked Rd No 219638 (Registered 4th October 1983)

Beautiful oval bowl with 12 oval concave thumb prints around the sides with a zig zag pattern above and below. The bowl also has 20 rays cut into the base and a scalloped rim.

Manufacture Age: 1893
County of Origin England
Measurements: 11cm (Wide) x 7cm (Depth) x 4cm (Height)

Air bubbles within the glass and a few age marks and faint lines on base otherwise the bowl is great condition for it's age (see pictures)

Mathew Turnbull Ltd History:

Matthew Turnbull has come considered to be one of the important glass houses of The English Pressed Glass Industry. Matthew Turnbull Ltd was started at Carr’s Hill, in Sunderland in 1859, and in 1863 transferred to a new site at the Cornhill Glass works. The business expanded so that by 1871 Matthew Turnbull Ltd were employing 77 people and were highly prosperous. During the firms time in business they registered 15 design numbers producing ornate domestic pressed glass ware for everyday use. The URL below is a link to a history summary of Mathew Turnbull Ltd.

Auction Start Price: £5.99
UK Postage: £2.75