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Title: Registration Numbers - The Blue Book
Post by: Paul S. on May 24, 2013, 12:05:06 PM
For collectors of pressed glass, it may be of interest to add that the Blue Book commences with Registration No. 520915 dated 29th February 1908, and ends with No. 844273/4 dated 23rd August 1945.
As Jim Edgley points out in his introduction to the Blue Book, this enables the Registration Nos. to be continued uninterupted from where Jenny Thompson finishes in her book The Identification of English Pressed Glass (combined with her own Supplement) - thus providing a seamless run of Nos. from 1842  - 1945 (baring those Registrations missing due to entry under the wrong CLASS).
Some of the photostat pages in Thompson - for Registrations prior to 1883 - lack some legibility, and so it's possibly useful to have Slack as well.

Raymond Slack was concerned with Victorian Registrations only, and his book covers data from 1842 -  1900.
Colin Lattimore's book is, as the title suggests, concerned again only with the C19 and gives a more abbreviated list without detailing individual Registration Nos.